Welcome to the ANZAC Day Laundry Bag Challenge.
The Big Reveal!

Well what can I say!  This is an awesome bunch of laundry bags suitable for an awesome bunch of Heroes.  I am SO GLAD that I am not the judge!  Thankfully I found another willing volunteer “over there” though I might have to pay her in ANZAC Biscuits!

So, first up, my ANZAC Day laundry bag.  Obviously I am not eligible for the prize but I still had to make one right?

Well, I made two.  This first one was a no-brainer.  
What is more appropriate for ANZAC Day than ANZAC Biscuits and diggers and Simpson and his donkey.

And this saying appears on our Facebook page.  It rings true to me.   I regularly receive emails from fellows asking for a quilt and stating that they are not heroes.  It is generally those who do not think they are heroes who are the most heroic, the ordinary blokes who do the most extraordinary things.

And now for everyone else’s -29 fabulous laundry bags. Well done everyone!

Karen B

Judy C

 Julie Ann

and a close up of the patches







 and the back

Jill Maree






Naomi x 2 (1 Male & 1 Female!)



There are three prizes and I will give the judge around a week to come up with the first, second and third prize winning names.  I will let you know in an upcoming post exactly wen the winners will be announced but as far as I am concerned you are all winners for having a go and making a bunch of cool laundry bags for our heroes.

Hmmm, well, tonight’s post was supposed to be just about the ANZAC Day laundry bag challenge but something else happened today that caught me completely by surprise.  It has already been shared on the Facebook page but I know there are lots of you who don’t do Facebook and I am regularly asked if anyone who doesn’t have Facebook misses out on anything so I am sharing it again here so you are all included.  This morning there was an unexpected ring of the door bell and there was Caroline (Deputy Nut).  Here is what she posted on Facebook.

Hi guys….. This is Caroline… I have just arrived at a special lady’s house to pass on this lovely present on Anzac Day…. Thanks to all involved and I will do a blog post to give you all more details… if JM lets me LOL

OK here is our lovely JM receiving her gift…. she assures me that is just sand in her eyes !!!….. It was an absolute surprise, when I rang the doorbell, she thought it was playing up…. yes it was me playing with the doorbell.. With love from all your Aussie Hero Friends and I’m sure with love from all the guys and girls who’s deployment you have helped make a little easier….
My special thanks to Naomi, Liz and Carolynne for helping get the project completed XXXXX

What can I say? Thank you to everyone of you wonderful sneaky people who had a hand in this. I can’t say I didn’t cry when I received it as you have all seen that awful photo of me. Thank yo so much, I feel very humbled and I absolutely LOVE it!

Caroline will tell the full story in the next few days.

And just before i go – if you have sent a quilt or a laundry bag in the last week and are not on this list please let me know as soon as you can.

Debbie M
Jill M
Judy D
Karen B
Keryn M
Leanne M
Liz B
Sandra M
Stephanie D
Sue F

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!