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14 February 2018

Over the years we have made a number of very special quilts that hang in places all over the world. We have quilts on walls in South Sudan, the Sinai, Al Minhad Air Base, Kabul, and Iraq.  They hang in hospitals, chapels and headquarter buildings. 

This time we are making three very special quilts that will hang together.   I do not yet want to reveal where they will hang…. all in good time…. but suffice to say that they will be the last thing this group of hard workers see at the end of each day and their purpose is to hopefully encourage them, and remind them, why they work so hard each day. 

These are not exactly a commission, but we have been requested to make these quilts and the hierarchy in this location has put a lot of thought, as has Aussie Heroes, into what should go into the quilt. 

The goal is to have these quilts ready to present prior to ANZAC Day this year.  That works out well for me as it looks like I will be participating in the By The Left March for ANZAC Day in Canberra this year so will be there to present them, possibly accompanied by other quilters, more on that later. 

The central quilt is being made by Sandy C in Coffs Harbour.  You are being asked to contribute a poppy block to the Remembrance Quilts that will hang on either side of the Central Quilt. 

We only need a certain number, and Lynn has kindly volunteered to coordinate the collection of the poppy blocks and the construction of the two Remembrance Quilts.

So now over to Lynn for the Tutorial.

For this particular project we need 58small poppy blocks and to give as many sewers as possible the chance to take part we need each person to make one (1) only poppy.  You will need to register your interest in making one block by emailing ….
Lynn    ri******@bi*****.au  and she will confirm your inclusion in the project.
Firstly some serious requests/rules as it makes our job easier and our quilts so much better.   

Please ensure that your block orientation is as it appears in the pictures.  
I can’t use them if they are in the other direction.
Please ensure that you use a plain or tone on tone RED fabric for the poppy
We do not want to introduce too many please
***please do not use any poppy fabrics***
Please ensure you use a plain or tone on tone GREEN fabric for the corners
Please do not add to the face of the poppy. i.e. NO signatures, NO messages etc
Please DO NOT trim your finished block – we will do that.

To start you need to CUT – – – –
4 X 3 3/4” RED squares (can be plain or tone on tone red) for the flower
8 X 1 1/2” GREEN squares (can be plain or tone on tone green) for the background
1  x BLACK circle (must be plain) for the centre.  
(Idea – I ironed some Visoflex/fusiweb  onto the back of a scrap of BLACK fabric and then traced around a 20c coin).
After you have cut your fabric mark a diagonal line on the back of the green squares.

Pin the green squares in position and sew along these lines.

Once you have sewn all eight lines,  press the green back over so that you once again have  
3 ¾” X 3 ¾” square.

Lay out your blocks as shown in the following picture.  I have to make a point here.  Please ensure that your block orientation is as it appears in the following pictures.  Any that are received that run the opposite direction cannot be included.

Arrange the blocks in the order they will be sewn and then sew the two R side together then the two L side together. Press, then nest the two seams together in the centre and sew the two rows together to complete the block.

To get the flattest seam possible make sure you iron the seam in opposite directions to reduce the bulk in the middle. 

All done – just repeating, . 

I have to make a few points. 
Please ensure that your block orientation is as it appears in the pictures.  I can’t use them if they are in the other direction.  if you are not sure what i mean send me an email for clarification.

In total we need 58 blocks. 
Once you have completed your blocks please post to…
 Lynn Field, PO Box 133, ENGADINE. NSW  2233 and
                      they need to be here by 28thFebruary, 2018
That is not too far away but it is only one block you have to make so should not take too long. 

Thank you everyone.
Lynn Field

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