A special Merry Christmas Message

Written by AHQ

24 December 2015

I just got this overnight and did not want to wait til next week to post it so enjoy! 

A bunch of our deployed personnel got home just yesterday in time to have Christmas with their loved ones. (welcome home Alan and all of you!). I was delighted to wake up to this message this morning and so had to share it.
Merry Christmas Elise (and daughter Noelene) and especially to this lovely family.

“Dear Aussie Heros!

My partner arrived home yesterday from tour in Afghanistan, this was his 7th tour overseas. He left when our daughter was 6 weeks old, she is now 7 and a half months old, it was such a lovely reunion yesterday as you can imagine!
Anyway, whilst he was away I took up a hobby of making a patchwork quilt, I went to a class once a week for a couple of hours (whilst my dad looked after our daughter) and I have managed to complete my quilt just before Christmas! (It was my first ever quilt so took a while!) I understand the hard work and love put into a patchwork quilt, so just wanted to say a big Thank you for Aussie Hero Quilts also Elsie H to the maker of this precious quilt, it is something we will hold onto forever and will remind us of the strength of my partner and how hard it would have been to leave his daughter and also the ups and downs of me being almost a single mumma to our beautiful daughter- and we both knew if we could get through this tour we could get through anything as a family! 

I thought my partner should try have a big sleep in today so here is our daughter currently playing around on the beautiful quilt.

Thank you again, I would to make a quilt for your Aussie Hero Quilts so I will check out the website with how to go about this.
Kind regards and merry Christmas”
Happy Stitchmas everyone!

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