A Slice in a Quilter’s Life – Lynn and Alicia

Written by AHQ

11 May 2015

G’day.  Well it has been a while since we have had a “Slice of a Quilter’s Life” post. We got a bit side tracked with the Australasian Quilt Convention and then the Centenary Quilt so it is time to get back on track.    This is the last one I have prepared so if anyone else is interested in writing in so that I can do one on you also that would be great. I know that the troops and their famlies love to read about those who sew for them.   Some of you will have forgotten and some of you have only joined us recently but I started writing these because I had some feedback that many of our recipients thought we were all “Grey Haired Little Old Ladies” and we all know that is not the case.

And now to hear from our first quilter, Lynn

Well, here is the challenge from Jan-Maree.  After the ‘grey haired, little old lady’ remark – very cheeky, I must say – we just need to fight back.  I actually am grey-haired. I love it and really hope I get to the beautiful white-haired stage.  My full-of-life white haired old grandmother inspired me to aim for that.  She was also a sewer who did not give up until reaching the age of 96.  Enough of that, here is my day.

6am.  Bella, my little dog wakes, scratches on the door and needs her early morning walk.  While out for our wander this morning I have decided to have a ‘day off’, to sit in the sun, relax and write what a typical sewing day for me, entails.  My own little diary.  (I try to sew every day but with a few spinal issues the bouts at the sewing machine are short, but often).  Be a nice change of routine to get this written.
 8.30am.   Breakfast and a chat with my best friend (that’s Arthur.  Nice to be able to say that after a year or two together – 47 actually, but who’s counting).  Well, that IS good news, he has cleaned and serviced my trusty sewing machine.  Well, I will try it later after …….. Oh, OK, I’ll give it a run straight away.  Yes, yes, it’s great thank you, dear, running beautifully so I will just do a seam or two.  Switch the iron on for me will you, please?

10.30am.   Morning tea? Really? Where did that time go?  Oh well, at least that Army top is finished.  I still have to go down to the shops, and go to the Post Office to pop a parcel of completed tops in the mail to J-M.  We can just have a nice cup of tea and biscuit before I go and then, when I get back, I must sit down and write the diary of my typical day. I promised……. and this grey-haired lady delivers.  Besides, it is going to be a quiet day just writing it up. (Little old lady, ha).

11.30   Off on my walk to the shops I go.  Oh No, I just remembered, I must be quick and get back sharpish, as I have to go out again to meet my sister-in-law for our weekly lunch.  We call them ‘summit meetings’.  Wendy sews for AHQ as well, so we like to have a chat about what we have done, share notes and ideas and the exchange of fabric sometimes takes place. We aren’t having fun, you know, I would hate our husbands to think that.  These lunches are serious business. 

12.30pm.     Anyway, before I head out to meet Wendy I’ll just rummage through the wardrobe and find the materials I need for the next quilt top on my list.

2pm.   Lovely lunch, as always.  She came up with a really nifty idea today so I must draw it up as soon as I get home so I can use it in the future.  BUT, not until I have written up my daily diary. Oh, hang on, all that material is scattered around the sewing room, that needs tidying and I need to organise tea for the family.  Our daughter and 2 grandchildren (I actually have 7 grandchildren – but that still doesn’t make me a little old lady!!!) are coming for tea tonight, so cooking needs to be done.  Aha, there is that travel fabric I need for the Photographer’s quilt.  I think I shall just quickly cut the blocks I need, then I can do the tea preparation.  Then, I must, must, must write my diary………… I’ll just sew a couple of the pieces together to see how it looks.

4pm..     Ooops.  Just realised the time.  Blocks cut (yes, some sewing done, I know, I know, this is a day for writing and not sewing), fabric all packed away, now to prepare the meal.  Phew – just in time.  Now for a quick cuppa and a sit.  I’ll draw up that pattern we discussed at lunch before I quickly write . … . . . . . Oh, No, it’s 6 o’clock and the kids are here.  I still have the diary to write.  As soon as they go I will get that done.

10pm.    Oh My, that’s another lovely family visit over.  What a busy time.  Cooked the dinner, enjoyed catching up with their news, helped with sewing homework, helped with Family History homework, washed and wiped up – with willing helpers, thank goodness.  Now Arthur and I can just sit with a relaxing last cuppa of the day, in peace and quiet, now they have gone home. 

I am weary but maybe I should just get pen to paper and ………. yawn……… no, damn it, I am too tired.  I shall start the diary tomorrow . ………. might just be a day of activity to give me something to write about.

11pm.    This grey-haired, (not so) old quilter needs her sleep.

Thanks Lynn!  

Now over to Alicia.

My day starts at 6am when I am up and getting ready for work.  This means packing lunch and clothes and heading off on the 8km bike ride to the office.  My days are spent in an office where I work as an IT contractor.  Not much time for quilting there.
Quilting for me means sneaking some time in between work and other activities – one night a week is visiting elderly parents, another night is attending a Polish language class and one night is sitting with my knitting group.  Our knitters mostly do their own thing but my friend Sally and I have been knitting beanies that are added to Aussie Hero parcels.
As a long time quilter I have accumulated quite a stash of fabrics and so am very keen on scrap quilts.  However there is always a need to get another piece or pieces to tie them all together so often the intention to use the stash means replacing it!  I am fortunate to have a dedicated sewing room and a long arm quilting machine so I can finish off quilts.  The sewing room lets me leave my sewing “mess” without disrupting the household and I can pick up the quilt construction pretty quickly when I find the time.  Most weekends I can find a few hours so I try to make the best use of this.
Grey hair?  After many years of colouring, I’m not quite sure of what lies beneath.
Old?  Getting older and loving that I can.
Quilting all day?  Not yet but still in practice so when I am I know I will be good at it!


If you have not already sent me in a “Slice of Life Post” how about it?  Just email it to me with photos of two or three of your favourite quilts or laundry bags.

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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    Bravo! Loved reading this! More stories please!


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