28 March 2022 Request List

Written by AHQ

28 March 2022

 Good Morning all 

Hero Quilts 10th Anniversary Dinner Update….

 Have you bought your tickets yet? Have you booked your accommodation yet?  Hopefully this week we should be able to announce the final details for the Friday afternoon activity and the Bus Tour for the Saturday.  I have just come back from a visit to Canberra and I had to opportunity to meet up with two of our speakers for the Friday night and plans are coming together nicely. I promise you it is going to be a great weekend.

On to our requests.  

Once you’ve made your selection of what you’d like to try, do please EMAIL fr**********@gm***.com and Catherine or I will be pleased to assist you with your selection. Hope to hear from you soon. 

Thank you!  

 When selecting a request, remember, you do not have to include everything they have asked for. Footy quilts do not need to have the logo or even the team’s name. Using the team colours is all that is required. Simple is perfectly acceptable.  A number of these requests have given you favourite colours as well as footy teams or other hobbies and interests. It is fine to make a quilt using their favourite colours and include only one of their interests.  It is fine to keep it simple. 

If there is more than one request on this list that you would be happy to do I suggest that you send me a list of requests and tell me how many you want to be allocated….i.e. one of the following please….There are always a few requests that everyone wants to do (and I can never pick them) so if the first one you ask for is taken then I can allocate another from your list if I have a list. 

Any queries you might have, please don’t hesitate to contact via the AHQ email as per usual with any queries and we will assist you from there.  We may not know the answer, but it will be our pleasure to research and get back to you.   

A reminder, when you are ready to post the quilt or laundry bag you’ve created, please use the PMKEYS number given you in any correspondence with the admin team.  This helps the volunteer admin team keep a track of what’s been sent etc.  The PMKEYS number is included in the address details we supply for your recipient e.g.  the 7-digit number in bold below. 

 CPL Wanda Quilt 8765432
 TG 3456
Sydney NSW 2890


If you are posting your parcel overseas to an AFPO address then please use the Aussie Heroes PO Box address on your parcel in the event the parcel is Returned to Sender –  the PO Box is a safe place in the event of  any mishaps with postage. 

Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags)
PO Box 248, Cherrybrook, NSW 2126 

If you are posting to any other address (other than an AFPO address) please feel free to use your own address for the return address.  

Don’t forget to take a photo of your completed quilt or laundry bag to email to AHQ with the name and PMKEYS of the recipient and we can include in the Weekly Dispatches blog and add to the tally of quilts and laundry bags sent off to the troops.  I personally love viewing the photos of those projects dispatched – so inspiring. 

If you are using a AHQ supplied prepaid satchel please kindly use the AHQ address for the return address– also for your own packaging – if a parcel is Returned to Sender it is likely we can expedite its journey to the recipient from Sydney.

Please also please hold on to the Tracking number (the pink sticker that you should remove before posting – we’ve experienced mail delays lately (haven’t we all?) and having the Tracking number is very reassuring to keep an eye on the parcel’s progress in arriving at its destination. 

Don’t forget, if you look at today’s Request List and need help choosing, please feel free to get in touch to discuss, we will be ready to reply and offer guidance by email. Our goal is to help you find a request that you will be comfortable with doing. If you need a crest etc we may be able to post embroideries / printed fabric images or email some of these to you. 

Helpful info may be gleaned here http://aussieheroquilts.blogspot.com/2019/07/information-post-for-those-that-sew-for.html look forward to seeing the photos of completed quilts and LBs when they are ready to post off. 


The post by date for all Requests on this list is 2 May 2022  please, or earlier if you can manage this.  If you cannot make that date, please let me know. Do reach out if you have any timing issues and we’ll resolve one way or the other. In fact, if you are going to be late posting it please let me know BEFORE you post it.  Also, if this time frame is too tight for you, there are options, just email me to discuss, thank you.     

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE copy the ENTIRE line if you wish to nominate for a quilt or laundry bag.  

For example…. 

Marvel Theme. Ironman
M       LB      1

This is really important to make sure that neither you nor I copy the wrong number which could lead to me giving you the wrong details for specific request.  If you find it hard to copy and paste, please copy the line out as above.  

Decoding The Columns 

The first column is the theme or preferences requested. 

The second column indicates the gender of the recipient. 

The third column is as follows. 

B=both quilt and laundry bag (feel  free to nominate to JUST do the laundry bag if you wish) 

Q= just a quilt 

LB = just a laundry bag 

F= female 

M= male 

Please let the Admin crew know if you have any other questions….Just email co*******@au**************.au

Looking forward to seeing what you want to make this week. Happy stitching! 




P.P.S.  Don’t forget to check out AHQ on the Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


Rising Sun with personal details below, AALC, RACMP, Australian flag, Text “East Timor 2002 Election Observer”, (badges and text can be to you. The East Timor flag is easy to applique) M Q 1
Rising Sun, MFO Badge. I would be most grateful for a military design (army) F Q 2
RAINF, RACT, Rising Sun Text “Op Anode Solomon Islands 2010 and Op Astute Timor Leste 2012” (Badges and text can be sent to you) M Q 3
Army/military theme please. Rising Sun (we can send you the Rising Sun) M Q 4
Australian Ensign, Navy Blue/Red/White/Black theme (similar to the RAAF 100 years logo/merch). I also have a black greyhound! F B 5
Rising Sun, Regt badge, Signals Badge Likes American themed things like truckers caps etc Into gaming – plays Dota Also enjoys 3D printing. M B 6
Rising Sun, Intelligence Corp Badge, Regt Badge, also spent time in 5 RAR Is also into video gaming, Age of Empires Likes Australian icons: vegemite, bushels tea etc Has owned a Ford Skyliner Car Likes to workout at the gym Loves coffee M B 7
Wine, travelling, sports and music. Colours: Blue, but all colours are nice too. F Q 8
The Mandalorian (starwars), Colours in grey, green silver, for both quilt and laundry bag M Q 9
RAN crest, Marine Technician, propeller (easy to applique, can send picture to use) HMAS Arunta crest favourite colour is Blue (Can send RAN crest and Arunta crest to include) F LB 10
Blue, water-polo and golf, rugby union and cricket, Sailing, fishing, diving M Q 11
Blue, Surfing, Rugby and Travel M Q 12
Anime (Japanese cartoon) or Dragon Ball Z M Q 13
Blue, PC gaming, DIY Projects, Netflix & Movies M Q 14
Dark Red, travelling and running. M Q 15
Blue, sports and outdoors. M Q 16
Blue, Rugby, Boating, Politics M Q 17
Patterns in colours of black and shades of blue. F LB 18
4Wdrive/camping/outback themed M Q 19
Patterned in shades of green. F Q 20
Blue/green. Diving, Weight lifting and 4WDing. RAN crest with Name rank and service number please. (We can provide the crest with personal details) M B 21
One piece(the anime), acoustic guitar, blue and purple M B 22
Black, Red, Orange, Green etc Rugby, Waterpolo, Rugby League, AFL. Basically anything to do with sport and colourful. M Q 23
Jeep and Camping/Mountains type theme M Q 24
Soccer/Cricket/Golf Liverpool FC. Embroidered panel with nickname and the following: Royal Australian Navy, Ex Royal Navy, HMAS, Anzac, HMAS Adelaide, HMS Westminster, HMS Brocklesby. (Name and ship details can be embroidered) M Q 25
red, white and blue. rugby union M Q 26
ACDC themed, Black with a red ACDC logo if possible please M Q 27
WW2, Older Navy M B 28
Gears of War (XBOX Game) Quilt. M Q 29
Light blue. A theme of motorbikes, snowboarding, camping and/or fishing would be tops. I also follow Red Bull racing M Q 30
Roosters NRL, Red, blue, white, green, brown and yellow. Can I please have, HMAS Adelaide crest and the RACT Army badge with name and PMKeys “OP Tonga Assist 2022” (Crest, badge and text can be embroidered) M B 31
Brisbane Lions AFL, Parramatta Eels (NRL), AMPOL Red Bull Racing Team (V8s), Tenpin Bowling. M Q 32
Rugby League Sydney Roosters (red, white, blue) or Liverpool FC, with the nickname (we can have the nickname embroidered for you) M Q 33
BMW superbikes or any sports bikes M Q 34
RAN crest, Navy Ships – would love the crests of the following HMAS Tobruk HMAS Arunta (FFH Class) HMAS Maryborough (Armidale Class Patrol Boat) HMAS Canberra (Canberra Class) (We can provide the RAN Crest and the ships’ crests) M Q 35
Ships crests: HMAS Brisbane, Success, Stuart, Tobruk, Adelaide (LHD) and Canberra (LHD). Navy themed. (We can provide crests) M B 36
Sailing M Q 37
Marvel M Q 38
Star Wars M Q 39
How to train your Dragon M B 40
NBA – Anything to do with Michael Jordan, Air Jordan, Kobe Bryant, the Lakers or the NBA logo if possible. But I will be happy with what whatever they come up with NBA themed! M B 41
Winnie the Pooh F Q 42
Cronulla Sharks M B 43
Anything Air Force or general Aviation (we can provide a RAAF Crest. Also RAAF Roundel, silhouettes of aircraft can be provided for applique guidance) M Q 44
Crocodiles / animals F Q 45
Indian Motorcylce M Q 46
The Simpsons M Q 47
Ninja/Samurai Theme M B 48
Surfing M Q 49
Transformers or Star Wars M Q 50
Dallas Cowboys colours and star (NFL Team), HMAS Adelaide ship’s crest with “OP Tonga Assist 2022 CPONPC and name” please. (We can supply the crest and embroidery) M B 51
dance theme (ballet/calisthenics) with the ocean incorporated, pink/purple if possible. HMAS Adelaide crest with OP Tonga Assist 2022 AB (Full Name) and PMKeys” embroidered on it. (We can supply crest and embroidery) F Q 52
Blue or green- Plants/ animals/ weather HMAS ADELAIDE crest and name on it (We can supply embroidery) F Q 53
green/ blue, Tennis /Ragdoll Cat HMAS Adelaide ship’s crest and “OP Tonga Assist 2022 and initials” embroidered on it. (We can supply the crest and embroidery) M LB 54
blue and bright colours/patterns with a nautical theme. M Q 55
Motor bikes, magpies white and black colours, embroidered with nickname. (We can supply embroidery) M Q 56
Dark green, rust orange and black, with stars and other celestial bodies with name embroidered on it. (We can supply embroidery) F Q 57
A ‘stormy’ theme, or a celestial/starry theme with name embroidered. (We can supply embroidery) M Q 58
Dogs (preferably whippets but a mix of dogs is fine) M Q 59
Blue/Yellow (Parramatta Eels colours) M Q 60
Canterbury Bulldogs (NRL), a pic of a CH-47 F and MRH-90 helicopter HMAS Adelaide ship’s crest, Rising Sun with “OP Tonga Assist 2022 and name” Thank you (We can supply the crests, the picture of helicopters and embroidery) M Q 61
Rising Sun with RAN Crest with the HMAS Adelaide ship and flag of Tonga. Also “OP Tonga Assist 2022” embroidered on it. (We can supply embroidery of crests and text. Flag of Tonga easy to applique) M Q 62
Pokemon design (preference of Dragonite but any pokemon design is fine). HMAS Adelaide ship’s crest and “OP Tonga Assist 2022” please. Thank you! (We can supply the crest and embroidery) M Q 63
helicopter / aviation theme, name and the HMAS Adelaide ship’s crest. (We can supply the crest and embroidery) M Q 64
Served in RAN & RAAF. Half Navy with an Anchor, Half RAAF with an Eagle. AFL-Port Power, (Black, teal white and silver)Soccer-Glasgow Rangers (Royal Blue, white and red). I also love camping. (can also provide RAAF and RAN crest) M B 65
Starwars Rugby League – ST George Dragons AFL – Sydney Swans M B 66
Loves Cars, in particular Holdens. Works with Helicopters. He is a talented sketch artist and often sends his mother pictures of drawings he has done of the aircraft he has worked with. M B 67
Golf theme. M Q 68
Game characters (Spyro, Crash bandicoot) M Q 69
RAAF Crest, Please include my surname. My favourite aircraft are C17 Globemaster, the C27 Spartan and F35 if any of them are possible, blue coloured design. Thank you! (we can send you the RAAF crest and silhouettes of the aircraft if you wish to applique) M B 70
Formula 1 Mercedes Team themed. M Q 71
Jungle themed quilt with wild animals on it such as sloths, lemurs, baboons and sugar gliders. M Q 72
can I please request a quilt with an IBIS on it covering most of the space with nickname under it, black and white theme preferred. M Q 73
Melbourne storm themed (White, Navy, Purple and Gold) with name embroidered on the bottom. (We can supply the embroidery) F Q 74
Las Vegas Raiders NFL (Black and Silver) Q 75
Plants or Music (Punk/Heavy Metal) M B 76
Heavy Metal M B 77
Geography/kangaroos M B 78
Kath and Kim design (if possible) F Q 79
Purple Orange and black patterns with nickname on it, a big number 3 underneath the name with a Parramatta eels logo next to the number. A Toyota Land cruiser 4X4 on a rock as well if possible M Q 80
Silhouette of HMAS Adelaide/Canberra on other side the rising sun. (we can provide the Rising Sun and a ship’s silhouette for you to work from) M LB 81
Dark navy blue in colour, incorporate the ships crest and navy theme. Embroidered with names M Q 82
Cartoon Potato F LB 83
NRL South Sydney Rabbitohs (Colours- Black, white, cardinal and myrtle) M B 84
AFL/ Richmond Tigers (Black and yellow) M Q 85
Spiderman M LB 86
Health, Nursing and or COVID related M B 87
Amphibious and Diving M Q 88
Navy PTI Logo with pineapples surrounding it (we can provide the picture for the logo to use as template for applique) M B 89
Aviation / Helicopters M Q 90
The Mandalorian (TV Series) M B 91
Poppies, Australian Military, RAN Crest- Name and PMKEYS on the quilt somewhere Navy” F Q 92
Pink Gingham F Q 93
Star Wars (Yoda!) M B 94
Star Wars ( the earlier movies) M B 95
Army / Amphibians M B 96
Australian Cricket legends (Shane Warne, David Boon, Glenn McGrath, etc.), or if that’s not possible just cricket themed in general. M Q 97
Harry Potter F Q 98
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles M Q 99
Marvel Super Heroes Captain America/Thor M B 100
Travel around the world/ international landmarks / out of Africa jungle theme M Q 101
Lion King F LB 102
Disney Cars F Q 103
Star Wars or Minions M B 104
Minions M Q 105
Animals (elephant) or anything nature based F LB 106
Flowers, bright, rainbow F B 107
Brisbane Bronco Theme M LB 108
Various shades of green squares (Greenie) M LB 109
Donkey Kong or King Kong (gorilla in general) M B 110
Under the sea / cartoon sea creatures F B 111
Puppy Dogs M Q 112
Star Wars M LB 113
Star Wars / Lord of the Rings / Harry Potter / Penguins M B 114
Country F B 115
Aussies Beers (VB, Carlton Dry, XXX Gold, Great Northern etc) M B 116
Nightmare before Christmas M B 117
Coastal / Beach F Q 118
Reef/ Ocean/Surf M B 119
Animals like horses dogs cats F LB 120


Whilst in Canberra I had the opportunity to present this quilt to the wonderful Chaplain Mark, one of the first chaplains Aussie Heroes ever dealt with and always a staunch supporter of all we do. Mark has been our MC at a couple of our dinners and it was so lovely to surprise him with a personalised quilt to mark the end of his time in fulltime service. Well done to Lynn for the quilt top and Philomena for the quilting!


Cheers, Jan-Maree xx

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