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Written by AHQ

11 February 2016

 G’day all

Those who are new to Aussie Heroes may not be aware that, as well as sending quilts and laundry bags to those that serve Australia on deployments in the Middle East and as Peacekeepers, we also honour those that are wounded in the line of duty with Wounded Warrior Quilts. These quilts are held in Kabul and Iraq by either the chaplain or the medevac nurse so that they can be given to the patient when the need arises.  

This harks back to the days when I heard about our wounded being given quilts in the wards in Germany by the Americans as there were no Australian quilts waiting for them. That was one of the reasons I started Aussie Heroes and then a chaplain suggested we make some Aussie themed quilts to be use for Wounded Warriors. I am happy to say that since April 2012 we have been better prepared to show we care to our wounded serving members.

I am about to send off a batch of Wounded Warrior Quilts to be held till needed….. and that means it is time to build up my supply again.   These are some our recent quilts.   The first three quilts are made from blocks made by Katrina, wife of our Wounded Warrior Garry who I have told you about many times.  They were put together and quilted by Maree W.  Incidentally Maree has just broken her ankle and is waiting in hospital for surgery. Please all join with me in wishing her a speedy recovery. 
These quilts were made from blocks sent in by many of you and were pieced by Lynn.

I am calling for some more star blocks please. 

These stars are really easy to make and are designed to be trimmed to size.  The tutorial for the stars can be found here.

It would be great if your blocks could feature some Australian fabric (please do not use other novelty fabric unless it is specifically Australian)  You can also make blocks in Aussie colours – I am thinking rusts, ochres and olive greens for uniformity or in red, white and blue to match the flag.   The colour placement of blocks does not have to be exactly as the ones pictured.  That is just an example.

You can make one or more, it is entirely your choice and you do not need to register to make these as with the Mystery Quilts that we sometimes make.

Please post the blocks to me at the Aussie Heroes postal address

Aussie Heroes
PO Box 248
Cherrybrook  NSW 2890

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Sue Niven

    Very cool stuff. Get well soon Maree W. I will be giving these a go.


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