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Written by AHQ

13 November 2014

One of my quilters passed this information on to me a few days ago and I thought it was a great idea. I just had to share it with you all as I know that many of our families with deployed love ones struggle to find ways to keep Mummy or Daddy’s presence in their children’s lives whilst they are away.  

Launren Martin’s husband has a Fly In Fly Out FIFO Job in WA whilst she and their three children live in Sydney.  With her husband away four weeks out of five the children were missing their dad so the clever and resourceful Lauren sewed them special dolls to help them stay connected to him.  What has grown from that is a busy little business.  

I can see a lot of our military families would benefit from these dolls and although we have no relationship with Lauren at all, with her permission, I felt I needed to share this.

A graphic designer for 15 years, Lauren had taught herself to sew and was enjoying making stuff for her daughters and their friends.  When she made them Daddy dolls the girls could cuddle them, talk to them and take them to bed for comfort. 

Lauren says the dolls work because they feature a real photo of Daddy in his uniform.
“This shows that when he is away he is at work, and when he comes home he is with them!” she says. “It helps them to understand from a young age that he hasn’t just vanished for a month.”
As often happens what was inspired by a personal need has now become a productive business called “Wish U Were Here Dolls,” with Australian families (from FIFO/DIDO to the Armed Forces) now ordering dolls via Facebook.
Lauren says the response has been amazing.   She says she receives messages every day from families  telling her how much her dolls have helped their children.  Her customers are full of gratitude and say the children just light up when they see their doll.  

Lauren has expanded her range to include dolls for Dads who have passed away, Nannas and even a dog but by far, the biggest demand is for Dads who work in the FIFO job.
Lauren now makes dolls for adults as well as children – they’re all a similar size with either boy’s or girl’s fabric on the back. For more information, pricing and to order, check out Lauren’s Facebook page: here

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  
Jan-Maree xx

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