Weekly Dispatches – the last for 2015

Written by AHQ

4 January 2016

Hi all
Sorry the Weekly Dispatches are a few days late but I figured that on New Year’s Eve noone would really be interested in seeing how many quilts we had sent off.  This week there will only  be posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I am still giving myself a bit of time off. 

If you missed it the tally for 2015 is as follows…..

In 2015 we sent over 2291 laundry bags 
bringing our total for the four years we have been running 
to over 7834.

We have also sent over 1684 quilts 
again bringing our total since we started to 
over 5214 quilts. 

What a great effort everyone. 
Here are the last quilts and laundry bags to be sent to the troops in 2015


Ann W



Bev F

Bev C

Carol S


Dianne R 


Donna P

Wongan Hills Craft Group 
Hilary M 

Jacqui P

 Jan A

Jean B

I made this quilt top with help from Maureen who did the embroidery on the Map for me and Cheri who did the embroidered panel.  Thanks to Keryn for quilting it. 

Jan-Maree with thanks to Cheri for the embroidery

with thanks to Kerri for the embroidery

Kaye G 

Marilyn S 

Lisa N 

Lynn and Belinda

Lynn and Lisa N 

Pam H 

Rita C

Rita M 

Robyn B

Ruth B 

That is the end of 2015.  Here is an awesome 2016

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


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  1. kiwikid

    Fantastic collection once again.


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