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17 April 2014

Weekly Dispatches are coming to you a little early this week due to Easter.  I am taking a couple of days off from Blogging over the Easter Break.

ANZAC Day Laundry Bag Challenge

Don’t forget I have I have decided to extend the deadline.  If you wish to enter a laundry bag into the ANZAC Day Challenge then you must have all photos in to me by midnight Monday the 21 of April.   Don’t worry about your timezone.  As long as your laundry bag photo is in my email inbox when I wake up on Tuesday the 22nd you will be fine. 

 Also don’t forget Easter is a good time to cut blue sporty stars for Harold if you can.  
Even one is worth doing.

It might be a short week this week but we still managed to get a good number of parcels in the mail.  I had a lovely email from the chaplain on HMAS Darwin last night and he said that they had received a lot of laundry bags and quilts. He said he got to see most of them and they were amazing – there are a lot of very happy people on board.   My favourite part of his email is this 

“I have to got to tell you the racks and even the laundry looks so much brighter and happier with all the quilt work of you wonderful team around the ship, as opposed to our standard blue Donna covers and mesh laundry bags.  Thanks so much for that.”

And now for this week’s tally.

230 quilts and 424 laundry bags for 2014.  

2640 quilts and 4199 laundry bags in total.

Anne B





This quilt top was made by Lynn from donated blocks and Stephanie T quilted this one – she added a map of Australia in the middle of it with watery lines around it!

I need help with the next two quilts as I am not sure who made the tops. I really am getting better at recording these but I am still catching up on some.  AND I have learned not to guess as I invariably get it wrong!  I am also trying to remember to record who quilted the quilts so please bear with me if I get that wrong. 

I think this quilt top was made by Sue N (SA)  and quilted by Stephanie T

I know this one was made by Gale R

Ilma made this one 

and the matching bag.

Jo R completed this one also with matching bag

Katrina made this striking Tigers quilt top (just so happens that she and her husband are serious fans!!)  
Hilary quilted it – love this pattern.

Katrina also made a matching bag. 

Liz J


Top by Lynn ad quilted by Stephanie T



These little pinwheels were sent to Pennie by Carolyn E M who had them leftover from making the stars for the Carlton Mystery Quilt and Pennie has put them to good use. 

Rita M

and the back

And of course, a double sided 

Matching laundry bag

Robyn B

Sue P
Love the dog tag label!

Stephanie D can always be counted on for some novel laundry bags

And great scrap quilts!  It is just as well Stephanie sends these off from Perth as does not send them to me first as log cabin is one of my favourite blocks and a scrap quilt to boot! Gorgeous!


And I love this – Caroline, our Deputy Nut has even got her mum, Susan, sewing for us now.  Great job Sue!!!
Sue G

Till next time…….I hope you all have a safe and happy Easter.  I will be thinking of all of those who are not with their loved ones this Easter, whether you be families and friends at home here or loved ones deployed, there are many of us who will be holding you in our thoughts and our hearts this Easter.  

Stay safe and well………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. kiwikid

    Some fantastic quilts and laundry bags, great fabrics and ideas!
    Hey, JM, the Aboriginal fabric laundry bag was made by me, Sue P not Sandra. 🙂
    Happy Easter to you!


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