Weekly Dispatches 7 Feb

Written by AHQ

7 February 2014

G’day all.  

Just before the parade of this week’s quilts and laundry bags a word or two.  The Captain of HMAS Darwin has included me on the mailing list for family and friends of HMAS Darwin so that we can receive their ship’s newsletter. I will be sending it to all of those on the  Volunteer Email List.  

If you are not on that list and would like to be please let me know.  

If you are not on that list, and are not a quilter or sewer so don’t want to get all the request list and associated info but would like to receive Darwin’s Newsletter then please let me know and I will start up a new email group called Friends of AHQ!  I will use that email list to share the occassional titbits that I share but which I cannot share on the broader public forum of the blog, plus of course the ship’s newsletters.   

59 quilts and 107 laundry bags for 2014.  

2410 quilts and 3825 laundry bags in total.
Carolyn Keryn

Cath W

Jan M created this lovely quilt top and Debbie quilted and bound it.


Made by me and quilted with roos by Belinda
You can’t read the wording down the sides which was done by Michele but the intel shared with me about this long term serving member enabled me to include all the places he has deployed overseas throughout his career.   PLEASE note – we cannot always do this for everyone but we do try out hardest!  Not every quilter has the assistance of a wonderful lady who owns an wizz bang embroidery machine like Michele.  I am just SUPER LUCKY!! 


More laundry bags by Joan but note the combinations of flags in the first one.  Of course it is going to a exp-pat!

This is Julie Mc’s first Aussie Hero Quilt!  Love it! And so will your recipient!


and please note the basketball quilting

Another by Keryn

Another gorgeous quilt by Leanne!  Proof that even the smallest of scraps can make the more gorgeous quilts!  LOOOOOVE scrap quilts!

Michele made this laundry bag and no I can’t tell you what the lettering is …….. just yet.  I doubt that the recipient watches out page but if he did he would wonder how I knew to send this quote to Michele for his laundry bag!  Suffice to say, I have my ways!  LOL

“I Spy” quilts are not just for kids!  Yuuuuummm! This one by Pennie!

A special one by Rita M for a daddy’s little girl – lots of deployed parents ask for a quilt that they can send to their much loved and missed children instead of one for themselves and we are always happy to oblige where possible.

How to make a simple strippy quilt not so simple by Stephanie T

The top of this one was made by a friend of Stephanie T’s and quilted by Stephanie.

And last but not least a fabulous batch of laundry bags from Su!  Love tea towel laundry bags!

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Dasha

    Wow! A new banner and backdrop. Spectacular J-M and so apt.

  2. Sue Niven

    So very very good and colourful. Love them all!


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