Weekly Dispatches – 1st January 2021🎆

Written by AHQ

1 January 2021

Happy Friday Friends,

Happy New Year!!! 


Great effort and dedication  from everyone to keep the dispatches coming!!! 

 We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Below are some amazing creations. The people receiving these beautiful and imaginative creations have done an amazing job throughout and deserve all the recognition we can muster. So, please enjoy looking over the following Quilts and Laundry Bags that have made their way to their new owners over the last week.

Please enjoy!!!


This year so far we have sent off 1492 quilts 

and that has brought our total since we started to 12805

We have also sent off 7038 laundry bags, bringing our total since we started to over 29683 laundry bags.


Bev F

Bev F

Alexandra L Embroidery by Cathie J Front and Back
Bridget R

Carolyn M

Helen P

Janet C

Joy H

Melissa L

Toni F
Anna C

Anna C

Ellen N

Gayle W Front and Back

Gayle W

Joy H Front and Back

Lachlan C and Alison L
Lesley B

Marianne R

Michael G and Alison L Quilted by Geoff
Pennie T – 45 Laundry Bags
Noelene W

Melissa L Front and Back

Jyziah and Alison L Quilted by Geoff
Clarissa L

Bridget R

Jenny P

Jenny P

Jenny P

Jenny P

Jenny P Front and Back

Jenny P
Alison L and Taylor

Bev C

Bridget R

Bridget R

Joy H

Bev C
Bridget R
Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. 2020 has had its challenges but a lot of joy as well. 
May 2021 bring us joy, happiness and prosperity!!!
Happy Sewing Everyone!!!

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