Weekly Dispatches 13 June

Written by AHQ

13 June 2014

G’day all.  

As you read this I will be on my way to Wodonga after having spent today at the Marching Out Parade at Kapooka in Wagga.   I am writing this on Thursday night as I won’t get a chance to do anything to the post after about 7am tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I will remember to take lots of photos so share with you on Monday night.  If you have not been to a parade before I am sure you will enjoy the insight and if you have, it will bring back memories.

Make sure you read all the way to the bottom, especially if you don’t have Facebook as I have an extra little message down there. 

I am  writing this post in the hotel tonight using their wifi and it is a little slow.  I had uploaded the photos to the post before left home to save time but they loaded out of order for some reason and with the slower internet it is too frustrating to move them around so please bear with it.

Here is the tally so far!

508 quilts and 638 laundry bags for 2014.  

2863 quilts and 4469 laundry bags in total.

First up a great colourful Block of the Month quilt. Love these. And this one, and several others quilts from tonight’s post, are going to be presented to guys that are too humble to request a quilt.  Hope it brightens someone’s day! 

Camden Country Quilters made this one – they made two like this and I have tried to spread them out so that two of them do not end up in the same area.  



Just had a share a close up of the boots.

Debbie (and cute photo bomber!)

I have not been able to confirm who made this quilt – anyone?

Jo R


the last three blocks from the Brisbane Dinner Collection, some too big and some too small, were incorporated into this quilt to by Lynn.


Lisa B created the next three laundry bags.


Liz J

note the back!


Lynn created this one with an embroidered Skippy Badge from Del and some machine embroidery from Donna that has been “white” out to protect the innocent. 🙂

Lynn created this Disappearing four patch quilt – this month’s Block of the Month, before we picked it for the BOM.  Love it. And note that she cut each block slightly differently.  Clever!

Quilt top by Lynn, names added by Caroline


Meg sent me these next four quilt tops to be finished off. 


Rita M

Steph N


Sue F

Sue N –  a double sided one -front 

And back!

As most of you know, Aussie Heroes has a Facebook page as well as the blog.  If you are on Facebook it is well worth checking out the comments if you get the chance, especially if you are a quilter and want to know how people feel about what we do.  I am very conscious of the fact that many of you do not have Facebook so I try hard to make sure that anything special that appears on Facebook also appears on the blog.  Sometimes I can’t keep up but I do try.  

Today I posted a picture of a heap of mail I took to the post office.  I think it is good for the defence members and their friends and famiy to see parcels heading off to who knows where. 

 Quite a few people left a comment – here are a couple of those comments …..

Another girl over here received her quilt yesterday. It brings a joy to everyone’s faces. We’re so so appreciative of everything you do for us xxxx

Well done another massive effort by yourself & the amazing ladies who quilt with you
Another Group Facebook Page that follows our page also shared the post on their page under the following caption – 

Our friend Jan Maree at Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags) has been sewing up a storm with her team. Another lot of post containing much appreciated quilts and laundry bags heading off to our serving members. Thanks Jan Maree and your team – these are appreciated by our members.

And the following comment was also left on that page. 

Those quilts are Gold, mine was very much appreciated in the middle of Afghanistan’s Winter last year. Keep up the good work Girls!

By the way…..if you made the quilt for the fellow above you will have received an email from me making sure you know how much still appreciates your efforts.

That is all for this week.  Have a great weekend all and stay safe!

Till next time……….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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    Love seeing them all, Great job everyone!


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