Weekly Dispatched 23 January

Written by AHQ

23 January 2015

Another week down.  Hope you have all had a good one. Here are the despatches for this week.  Enjoy!

90 quilts and 139 laundry bags for 2015. 

3676 quilts and  5594 laundry bags in total.

Our first despatch this week is a little bit special.  Very early on in the peace I was given a gorgeous hand painted panel. I was planning to use it in a quilt until I received it and decided that it was far too special for a quilt and would be best suited to a wall hanging that everyone could enjoy.    My next task was to find someone who would turn it from a panel into a wall hanging and finally Wendy volunteered. Well, isn’t the end result worth waiting for!!  I discussed the wall-hanging with a friendly RSM (well, friendly to me) and it was decided that the wall hanging would be placed somewhere that everyone can enjoy it, possibly in the Dining Hall.  

It was taken to the Promotion Parade recently and photographed with the group present.


Anna N 


Jacky J 

Jacqui S




Linda F

Linda H

 Liz B

Lyn K 

Noeleen and Elsie

Port Lincoln Quilters 

Queanbeyan CWA 

Robyn B

Stephanie N 

Sue N 


Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 
Jan-Maree xx

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