Weekly Despatches 6th April 2018

Written by ahq_admin

6 April 2018

Hi Everyone!
I cannot believe we are in April already.  It is so nice having cooler evenings to allow you to sleep more comfortably. There have been hot sticky nights that we have had for months here in Sydney.  

I guess the hot and cramped sleeping conditions are all part of what our deployed defence personnel have to endure and worse for long periods of time.  We tend to forget that the luxury of our own comfortable bed to crawl into every night is what everyone has.  

Thank you so much for the wonderful work this week.  It is spectacular!

So far for 2018 we have sent off 393 quilts 

 Bringing our total since we started to over 8,808 quilts

 876 laundry bags for the year 

 Which brings us to a total of 17,416 since we started…

Ally C

Anne Ho

Anne R

Bev U

Black Head Beach Thursday Girls

BOM’s Artwork and Quilt top by Sandy C, Quilting by Mary M

BOM Artwork by Sandy C, Top by Ange H, quilting by Mary M

BOM Artwork Sandy C Top & Quilting by Lynne V

BOM Artowrk Sandy C Top by Di G Quilted by Mary M

BOM Artwork Sandy C, Top by Jo H, Quilting by Mary M

BOM Artwork Sandy C, Top by Jo H, Quilting by Mary M

BOM blocks by Dorothy C, Artwork by Sandy C, pieced and quilted by Mary M

BOM’s Jennifer W








Debbie N

Debbie N

Design by Sandy C, Top & quilting by Jean B & Jo H

Di T



Jean B

Jean B

Jean B

Jen S

Jen S

Jenny N

Jo H

Katie L (back)

Katie L (front)



Louise C (back)

Louise (front)

Louise T

Mary B


Melissa B




QAYG blocks donated by Marg H, Artowrk by Sandy C, pieced and quilted

Robyn Wo (back)

Robyn Wo (front)

Ruth S

Ruth S

Sally R

Sally R

Sharon and Janet quilted by Maxxi

Sharon and Janet


Steph N

Steph N

Sue N


Thank you all for the wonderful bright, inspirational and thought provoking sewing.  I’m sure that the recipents will treasure their gifts.

Jan-Maree’s home is busy, busy,busy.  Of course the wonderful materials for sewing going out along with the personalised orders, and beautiful gifts coming in, posting going out and all this as well and the impending move for her family.  It is a logistical nightmare that she handles in her stride, while the rest of us are just “gob smacked!”

Have a safe and full week,
See you round like a rissole



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  1. Abby N Jack Quilts

    You cant sew unless barefoot ! I always sew barefoot & love it !


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