Weekly Despatches 19 April

Written by AHQ

19 April 2013

The tally so far-

 26 quilts this week and 38 laundry bags.

371 quilts and 774 laundry bags for 2013

1388 quilts and 2148 laundry bags in total.

Thank you for the feedback you all provided to the new name.  I am pleased to say that I had an overwhelmingly positive response to we now have a new name for the Friday night posts.

I am starting tonight’s post with a thank you message from one of the fellows on HMAS Toowoomba.  he asked for an 80’s themed quilt and I haven’t been able to show it on the blog because I have been waiting for him to receive it and there was no way I was going to risk spoiling the surprise.  Lots of lovely Aussie Hero Friends contributed blocks to this quilt and then Rita C kindly volunteered to put it together and a quilt it.  Well, the quilt has finally arrived and it has been very well received.  Here is the thank you message.


I deadset love it!!!!

I have taken a photo of it on my bed and tried emailling it…. but I’m having issues (the file must be smaller than 1mb to send)…. I have my best nerdy-mate on the case!!! and will get a photo to you ASAP!!!

Thanks so much… I reckon it is crazy awesome!!!!!!!

thanks to my nerdy friend, i finally have a picture and here it is!!!!

the quilt is on my rack and looking UNREAL!!!!!!!

i think i nearly melted last night with it and my doona…. but it was worth it!!!


And now for the rest of the Weekly Despatches.

I have hardly done any sewing this week but as I have been waiting for some of my recipients to receive their goodies I can now show you some that I “prepared earlier”.  This first one is a bit special.  My son has recently moved schools for Year 11 and 12 but the small group leader from his last school is such a lovely man that we have kept in touch with him.  His name is Gordon and he told me about a past student of his (lots of people keep in touch with Gordon) who will be deploying at the end of the month.  I will call him Jim.  Well Jim received the laundry bag I made for the Australia Day Challenge and I might add is already using it and is receiving numerous “Who made that for you?” comments.  Then it was time for his quilt.  I made the quilt top and sent it to the wonderful Belinda to quilt it. I had promised Gordon that once the quilt was finished I would show him and Jim’s Sydney based parents.  Last Sunday was the day and I joined Gordon at Jim’s parent’s home for afternoon tea.  I only found out a few days before that Jim, his lovely partner and their gorgeous little one would be there too.  

It was nice to be able to hand over a quilt in person but I warned Jim that I would only allow him to keep the quilt if he promised to take it with him on deployment.  None of this “leaving it home for safe keeping business”!   He has promised me that it will go with him.

Not sure if it shows up in the photo but the dark brown fabric is different coffee names and I suppose you can tell the strip is coffee stains.  Jim is a coffee aficionado.

This is a close up to show you the fabulos kangaroos quilted in by Belinda.

I also made this laundry bag earlier.  By way of explanation it is for a chinook crewman who is an enthusiastic triathlon competitor.

I put a teatowel on the back.

And finally one of my favourite ladies “over there” needed a laundry bag and I couldn’t resist making hers a little special.  I happened to know a friend of hers so asked her for some suggestions how I could personalise it and she sent me a snap shot of a quote from her facebook page.

I thought it was fun!

Julie Ann

Stephanie T made this gorgeous quilt.

Note the frangipanni are painted and then stitched on!

Leanne M made the next three quilts and the laundry bag.

Sue N


Fiona is Carol’s second daughter to get in on the AHQ act.  Talent runs in the family doesn’t it!


Debbie M is making her AHQ debut tonight


Kerryn C WA

Lynn quilted by Liz B

Lynn quilted by Stephanie

Rita C

Front and back

Bev and Geoff sent me a bunch of AWESOME tea towel laundry bags and I am finding them perfect homes – this fellow likes to hunt – dah!  Love it!


Lynn quilted by Stephanie with the brahman added by me



Rita M

Karen B




And this one is a joint effort – the Space Invader blocks were made by Stephanie D, the embroideries were made by Michele and the quilt top was pieced by Louise and then quilted and bound by Carol!


I am up at the crack of dawn to write this post today as the teen residents in this house have used up all the data and I cannot download photos and the like  easily on the slower speed.  GRRR  I seem to have better luck doing some of what I need to do while the culprits are in bed and hence off their computers.  Luckily I have been loading photos as I received them as I knew this would happen but if any photos arrive today it is likely that I won’t be able to add them so my apologies but they will have to wait till next week’s post.

Fingers crossed that I will be able to add any Laundry bag photos that I receive for Sunday night’s post or we may have to have the big reveal on ANZAC Day when we next get data.   Ah the joys of Parenthood!

I also won’t be editing this again today for fear of not being able to save it and upload it.   Gee I hope facebook does the right thing tonight and loads if for me.  If it does you can imagine me doing a happy dance!

Late update – given that I am having internet traumas AND my laptop has been re-starting regularly all day (is it about to crash?)  I have decided to ease the stress and pressure on myself and delay the reveal of the ANZAC Day Laundry Bag Challenge until ANZAC Day itself.  So, you now have till Close of Business (midnight) on 24 April to get photos of your ANZAC Day laundry bag photos to me.  Hopefully there will be a post on Sunday but that will depend how things go.  I have a sewing day in Penrith that day so it depends if I can get something new written and posted in time – given the FUN I am having with the internet.  Seriously you would think 500GB would be enough!

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Outback Crafter - Debra

    Enjoy having your boys Jan-Maree. They will go back soon enough. We will all survive if the posts are late

  2. Janine C

    I agree with Debra, it must be lovely to have the boys home together, enjoy the family time while you have it. I haven't had my two boys at home together for more than five years and it was five years before that also.
    This is a magnificent post and will keep us all busy for days – so many wonderful quilts and laundry bags to admire.


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