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21 April 2013

Life is a bit chaotic at the moment.  The boys are on holidays so there are extra places to take them and “special events” like a movie night tomorrow from 2pm to 10pm for anywhere from 14 to 30!!!!  Not sure I ever agreed to thirty but apparently so far only 14 have replied!  Fingers crossed.  

My lounge room looks like a bomb has hit it.  Reason being we moved my son’s gear from a small room at the front of the house to a large room at the back so that he could have his drum kit, keyboards and electric organ plus computer all in the one room.  That meant that the stash of AHQ donated fabric, batting and scraps (mostly scraps) had to move into the small room.  The advantages of this arrangement are that the amplifier that my son uses for his music is also down the back of the house (read further from my sewing room) so I might actually be able to hear the TV when sewing for a change.  Also my gorgeous husband and I made a trip to IKEA yesterday and bought some new storage and a desk for HQ AHQ as it is now called and once I get it organised it will be fabulous!  

The disadvantage is that there are now tubs of fabric all over my living room which have to be sorted and folded etc to go in to the cool storage and I am not sure when I will have time to sort it.  Ahhh, just lucky I work under pressure.

Bu the way my husband said I wasn’t allowed to put these photos on facebook – and I won’t be – Blogger will!  But he was my hero yesterday for helping me to move everything and especially for putting the IKEA furniture together!

As well as the furniture moving and stash re-storing, out data has been gobbled up by the resident teens and won’t be back to normal till ANZAC Day.  What that means it is that might be hard for me to upload photos till then but luckily the posts are pretty much sorted till ANZAC Day. If you haven’t sent in your laundry bags photos for the ANZAC Day Challenge please send them by lunch time ANZAC Day at the latest.  Also if you haven’t sent me your ANZAC Day message you are running out of time.  They need to be in by Close of Business Monday (that means 8pm Sydney time) so that I have time to upload them.  I have a sewing day on the Tuesday so won’t be able to do it during the day.

Penrith Sewing Day 
The sewing day in Penrith went well today.  We made blocks from scraps – loads of nine patches were made by Carolyn – almost enough for a whole quilt top for a girl who likes ponies. And Pam made a bunch, once again almost a whole quilt top’s worth of scrappy nine patches – my favourites.  

Kerryn M came too and sewed some more star blocks.  I finished off three laundry bags that I wanted to get in the mail today and made a few nine patches as well.  Kiwi Karen dropped in to pick up some more fabric and got the shock of her life when she realised that TODAY was the sewing day and not next week – poor Karen.  But being a good sport she ducked home and brought her two latest quilts – one finished and one a quilt top to show us.  Two awesome quilts but you will have to wait til the right time to see them.    They are worthy of a special story all by themselves.  

Quilts at Home

On Thursday I posted on facebook asking people to send me photos of their quilts at use at home and last night I received this photo.  This is one of our lovely wounded warriors  – his wife sent me this photo and, whilst my husband would kill me if I published a similar photo of him, I do have permission to publish this one.  This is a regular occurrence for this Wounded Warrior  – resting or relaxing is his chair at home with his WWQ never far away.  His wife tells me that she expects the quilt will get plenty of use over winter.  This quilt was made by Kaye.  I bet this makes her smile.  Doesn’t it do your heart good to see the product of your labour being enjoyed and used!  

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Outback Crafter - Debra

    What an awesome husband you have. Those cabinets look confusing. I think many creative people must have supportive husbands as I don't know how you could do what we do without them.

    That WWQ looks awesome in use. It is obviously loved. Thank you Mr Soldier for sharing it with us.

  2. Janine C

    That's a wonderful WWQ photo, and that is exactly what it is for. Looking forward to seeing more photos of the Ikea storage and your lovely husband.


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