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25 May 2016

Hi all, 
To make it easier today, seeing as I am out and about in Canberra this week with very little time at the keyboard, I have split the gratitude post over tonight’s, half last night and half tonight.  

Can’t tell you much about what I have been up to whilst down here but suffice to say our dinner will be in Canberra this year. Date and Venue to be advised.   Every service member I have mentioned it to has immediately asked me if they are invited….. but of course!  The level of enthusiasm is really wonderful.  I presented a quilt to a very happy fellow yesterday… photo to come when I can download it from my camera.   Handing over another quilt tonight and a third on Friday. Meeting up with quilters this afternoon, tomorrow lunchtime and Friday afternoon. 

Don’t forget our next sewing day at Penrith is this coming Saturday. Please let me know if you are interested if you haven’t already.  

Enjoy these messages…..


Massive shout out to Bridget for her work on my laundry bag. Best thing since sliced bread!

Jan-Maree I have received the quilt and please accept my total gratitude to have this made for me. I have rung Carla and expressed my gratitude directly to her – what a wonderful lady.

Please keep up the outstanding work, from a old salt – it is truly humbling and much appreciated



Hello Rhonda and Raylene,

Thank you very much for the wonderful quilt and laundry bag. I greatly appreciate the amazing effort and thought you have put into making the items!

I am now back home and the quilt has taken prime position on my couch. It will definitely serve as a great reminder of my time overseas. I love the story it tells and I especially appreciate the photos of Gallipoli you have placed in the quilt. I was fortunate enough to go to Gallipoli last year for the centenary dawn service, along with my sister, aunt and grandma – it was an unforgettable experience. My great grandfather deployed to Gallipoli in October 1915 (he was one of the lucky ones to make it home alive). So I am delighted to now have something to commemorate his journey in 1915, and also the adventures I have had 100 years later – visiting Gallipoli in April and deploying overseas with the military in October.

Once again, thank you very much!!

Good afternoon Sandy & Trevor
Just a massive heartfelt thankyou to you and your son Trevor for the lovely laundry bag that I received today.

I currently serve in the Royal Australian Navy and have done so for just over 22 years. I have served mainly in Operation Resolute, which is the government ‘s commitment to border protection against illegal fishing & people smuggling. I am currently ashore in Darwin and am busy supporting my fellow sailors working at Patrol boat group Headquarters. The tireless work that you do is very much appreciated and always warmly received by the three services whenever we are serving this great nation of ours, either locally deployed or overseas.

My thoughts and thanks once again and to let you know the ‘Transformer’ laundry bag will be loved and put to very good use.
Yours Aye


Another thank you message from one of our RAN Vessels based in Cairns…


We have just received a box of 60 laundry bags (or dohby bags as we call them) for the crew and everyone is just rapt at the quality, style, size and colours. The ship will be a more colourful and pleasant place thanks to your efforts. I chose a blue one with a feather motif from the Keiraville branch of the CWA.  Please pass on our thanks for their efforts. Very much appreciated.

Yours aye, 


Hi Lisa R,

I just want to say a very big thank you for the amazing quilt you have made me. I love every bit of it and you have done such a great job. I must say, when I compare it to some of the other quilts that others have received, yours is definitely in a league of its own. Without knowing me, you certainly managed to incorporate a lot of elements that I like. I particularly loved the cheeky pineapple that you added (nothing like an army pineapple).

Again, just one big final thank you for brightening up my deployment with your gift. 

Please keep up the amazing work, and I do encourage you to continue making quilts or laundry bags for others, as it certainly does make a difference to us here.

Ma’am, I respectfully salute you.

Hi Pennie,

I wanted to thank you for a laundry bag I have received. It’s nice to receive stuff from people who want to show gratitude toward serving members.

Thanks again Keep up the good work

Hi Pennie

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the laundry bag. It will get a lot of use in these hot conditions in Malaysia.

Thanks very much your work is very appreciated.


Hello Kate,
First of all I would like to give you a big thank you for the quilt. It was exactly what I had in mind and the detail and craftsmanship that was put stands out. It now takes pride place on my rack.

I am currently single and have 2 boys, 14 and 11. I haven’t seen them in 5 months and miss them very much so it was a very nice surprise to get your package.  As you may have gathered I love my hunting and I’m off doing that every chance I get.

We have just left XXXXX after a long awaited break and feeling exited for what this next patrol has installed for us. The first patrol out we found a massive weapons haul that made the news.  1000’s AK47s, 100 RPS’s, 50 Machine guns and mortars. They were on their way to Somalia where they were destined to fall in the hands of some very bad people so it hit home to job we are doing here.

I have to run now , have a massive day. Thanks again for such a great gift.


Hi Su,

I apologise for the lateness of my reply. Thank you so much for the quilt and the laundry bag, they are great. I must admit the colour is somewhat ‘bright’ from my usual taste but the design is amazing. I can’t imagine how long that would have taken you but thank you again. One of the many great things about these designs is their uniqueness, they are easily identifiable among the hordes of other laundry bags.:) also the size is great and its proven to be a lot sturdier than the cheap issued bags.

Su if anyone asked me, I’d say you’re a quilter – you have done an amazing job with my one, our company logo is perfect.

Again thank you so much for the quilt and laundry bag, also the timtams are like gold over here and they are our main form our currency with the yanks.:)

Thanks again Su take care, and if I’m ever down in S.A. I’ll be sure to let you know, lunch or coffee on me is the least I can do. 


Dear Joan & Robin,

I would like to thank you and your organisation for taking the time out of your day to meticulously construct the laundry bag that has been generously been passed to me.  I certainly agree that you two make a perfect team and there is no amount of words that I can say to express my gratitude for individual like yourselves.

Although I cannot compare my deployment to our past service men and women, the knowledge that we are appreciated fills me with joy, especially considering this is my first deployment overseas. Oh and I did have a chuckle at the chook fabric you chose for the bag, it reminds me of of grandparents coop back home in Western Australia.

Again I would like to thank you both for what you are doing for us and I am proud to look at the poppy fabric around the bag and remind myself of Todd, Gary and all the others who have passed away and fallen in the line of duty.

One day I would hope my wife will be able to sew as good as you and we can carry on your tradition for many many more years.

Thank you both and keep up the fantastic work. Please stay safe and remember individuals such as yourselves are why we join the ADF.


Hi Alison,

I have received your gifts intact and they are something to behold. Like cigarettes in prison, Tim Tams are a valuable currency. Since the arrival of your gift, a mere 24 hrs ago, I have used my newfound wealth and power to rise to the top of our hierarchical structure and now hold the rank of Super General. Though, despite all of this, I remain humbled by my sturdy, well-made and highly fashionable laundry bag. I appreciate your use of bright colours and hope that you choose, should you find the time, to send another of your creations to one of my peers in the future. It is truly appreciated and a welcome treat.

This may surprise you, but your letter was actually my favourite part of the care package. I’ve heard numerous uproars about the “New Shapes”, so I am currently having my underlings test them (such are the perks of being a Super General). The Tim Tams have called to me also, and have since been consumed in a shameful fashion (turns out I can fit a whole packet in my mouth at the same time). But the letter brought a smile to my face and those of whom I forced to read it. As a teacher, I admire your trade and the situations you must deal with also. To be one who mould the minds of the future is a gift in itself. Many of us here would happily put our hand up to be deployed again, if not for the laundry bags, then certainly for the heartfelt letters of thanks from people such as yourself.

I tend to read and go to the gym when on my down time, so I’ve yet to succumb to boredom. Tim Tams are one of the many minor comforts that I miss, so I am grateful that you would think to send them.

I hope that you manage to instill the same sense of appreciation you have for others into your son, a boy who is lucky enough to have a mother who cares for those that she doesn’t even know.


Greetings Julie!
Just a quick note to let you know that your six laundry bags for HMAS Glenelg arrived here.  I will be delivering them next week to the officers and sailors onboard.  Thank you again for your efforts they are truly making a difference in this business.


Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Jacqui D

    Heartfelt comments again, wonderful and very much appreciated.

  2. Sue Shield (Price)

    We have some real personalities, don't we? Thank God. What we do disappears into the scope of what you (The personalities, you know who you are) do. We will keep on quilting, just keep on doing what you do, we are there for you, love you all


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