Good afternoon all!

How about a little weekend reading.. including a craft project!  Some weeks ago Tara Dennis and a film and magazing crew came to HQ Aussie Heroes.  

The lastest Better Homes and Gardens magazine has hit the shelves 
If you turn to page 154 you will see a short story about Aussie Heroes and on the facing page you will find the instructions for making a laundry bag. 

While Tara was here she was kind enough to sign a patch for our Auction Quilt for our Annual Dinner 

 And she also signed my visitor’s book as well. 

Once you have checked out the magazine you will have to wait til the story goes to air. I am not sure of the date yet but as soon as I can I will let you know. 

Till next time….. keep spreading the word, WASH YOUR HANDS and practice I-SEW-LATION!

Jan-Maree xx