Hey Folks

Running very late with post tonight and no real time to write much. I am working solo at HQ these days and boy! do I miss the WPH ladies and the Ladies of the Night! Honestly girls, when this is over I will double your pay if you can come back!

I just wanted to let you know a few changes that are very necessary. Normally when the mail comes in we open it up on a working day and then someone holds up all the LBs and quilts and other bits and pieces and we photograph everything for our records.  Now I am working solo so that is not happening and it wont be able to happen for the forseeable future. 

I might not be going out to visit bases, or present quilts and bags, or to buy fabric, or to speak to various groups.. but instead I am working flat out just to keep us running as jobs that other people used to do now have to be done my little old me.  Something has to give, and unfortunately that means that I might not be able to write to you to let you know that a parcel has arrived, or I might not be able to photograph your bundle of LBs for the blog.

We are still trying to personalise the quilts and bags, at least a little, but many people will be receiving “random” quilts and bags. I know how much it means to all of our recipients when we take the time to make something really personal for them, and some of my volunteers still have the means to do that, but at the moment, with limited access to fabric and supplies and other restrictions placed on us, many dont so we have to just do the best we can.

So please, if you send me a parcel and it does not make it on to the blog, please understand that we really do appreciate your contribution but I am just not able to record it anywhere. 

I am so so proud of all of our amazing volunteers who have risen to the challenge to keep us going in such difficult situations.  Many people have stepped up to do just that little bit more and I really appreciate it and I know that our serving men and women do as well. 

If we all hang in there together we can get through this and we will come out the other end even stronger.

Stay safe and stay well everyone.

Huge big virtual hugs

Jan-Maree xx