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4 March 2012

This gorgeous bright quilt was stitched by Andrea from the Gumnuts.  I think she is up to her 8th finished quilt!
This is another of Caz’s great tea towel quilts!  Just love those Aussie colours.
This lovely girly quilt was made by Kathleen from Queensland.  Mmmm, I am quite partial to this fabric.
Another lovely email about Aussie Heroes turned up yesterday but I wanted to get permission before publishing some of it.  These emails may be addressed to me but they are really for everyone who sews for Aussie Heroes because without all of you out there doing your thing this would just be an interesting (I hope) little blog to read and it is so much more now!

I am proud to be a member of Aussie Hero Quilts.  I am planning on sending two quilts directly to Service People.   One Quilt and Laundry bag set is going to go to Afghanistan (via the address you just handed out), the other is going to be handed directly to someone who is a bit special to me, he is in the Navy….my nephew.(he will be on leave soon, woohoo!)

Could I please have two parcel stickers, and also could I trouble you for two Aussie Hero Quilt labels please? -although I am handing one quilt directly to my nephew, it is important he knows of the Aussie Hero Quilts.

I want to say how I love the whole Aussie Hero Quilts project. My fiance is a person who has served,and he knows only too well what the quilts and laundry bags will mean to the servicemen and woman. 
We will be both making these quilts together (this will be my fiance’s very first) This shows me just how much this project means to him. And indeed how important it is for all. 

We are having heaps of internet trouble here – it is on and off all day so I am going to hurry up and post this while I can.  Tonight I am planning to take all the pics for this month’s BOM and, internet willing, will post the tutorial tomorrow night.
I got myself an ipad yesterday and will get that set up pronto which will mean I can still post even if my internet dies – Thanks Telstra!!!!  Just wait till my boys find out I have an IPAD!   Oh dear!  They are going to be so jealous! 
Till next time……….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Ellen

    You won't be surprised when your ipad disappear frequently will you? I bet you'll know where to look for it!

  2. Larissa

    Better hide that thing in a gorgeously girly cover!!! Lol! … Might turn them off getting into it?! … Those quilts are gorgeous – I am especially loving the one in, is it Ruby? I absolutely LOVE that range!!! … And what a lovely email!! I congratulate the fiancé and encourage him in this endeavour!! Good for you!!


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