From David…

Just wanted to provide another update on Jan-Maree.   She had a rough night last night due to the pain – and the nurses were a little slow in escalating to the surgeon.  Finally got some stronger pain medication around midnight and got some sleep from 2AM.   They moved her out of intensive care this morning into a standard room so we were able to get her setup and unpacked properly – so now her new quilt is proudly on display!   The physio team have been in late this morning and got her standing.  

The plan is still to move her on the weekend to the rehab centre – not clear on timing as yet.

Thank you to everyone for all the messages of support – they are really helping her through these first few days – especially last night!

From Jan-Maree
I hope you are impressed – quilt now on display!  I walked too…. lots of pain now but back in bed so that will ease.  I’m in good spirits though… I know it’s going to be painful but it is what it is. Can you believe I got myself in and out of bed with the only help being the physios holding the frame …. I may have said some unladylike words!  Oh and I managed a 90 deg bend!!!