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Written by AHQ

25 July 2013

Greetings all!

Well I don’t know about you all but I have had a good Aussie Hero Day!  Today I went and talked to the Epping Quilters about AHQ.  I took a suitcase full of quilts, the special quilt that the sneaky lovely Aussie Hero Friends gave me and a bundle of laundry bags for show and tell.    I thank my officer training for being able to get up in front of a crowd of strangers and talk.  Some people (Angela) might say I never have trouble talking, but my time in the services taught me how to give a presentation and so it is not a daunting prospect.  Talking about AHQ though, is a breeze.  It is an easy story to tell and one that I am very passionate about.  After 18 months I have so many special stories that I can tell too.  The hardest part is to remain detached and not get emotional!  HARD!!!  Took me 6 months before I could read that label without it getting to me, but it is still a bit of a challenge to talk when there is an audience sitting there, many of them red faced and watery eyed!  At least that tells me that what I am saying is resonating. 

The ladies at the Epping Quilt Group were lovely.  Several of them came and talked to me afterwards, asking questions and expressing a desire to sew for us.  All in all a very rewarding morning. 

My day started extra well as I was greeted with a bunch of lovely thank you messages when I woke up.  Now it is your turn to enjoy them!

We are starting off with a special email tonight.  Lots of you will remember contributing to our Special Blue Star Quilt that was sent to a sailor on HMAS Newcastle.  Well, it has arrived and has been very well received.

Hi Jan, 

How are you? 

I received my quilt yesterday and to say that I am happy with it would be an understatement!! It is amazing! and I couldn’t imagine it any better!! 🙂   And to hear about people from all over Australia helping out with it, just for me is an amazing feeling. My friend said she remembers seeing the post on Facebook but it didn’t click. 

Yes my brother told me about his quilt and he really liked it! His was two soccer teams one on either side, and he showed me pictures of it when he came on board to visit me and he loves it.  (remember “You’ll Never Walk Alone” Rita M?)  Getting the chance to see him before we got ‘in the zone’ was so good and I’m not sure we would ever get the opportunity to do it again! 

Well once again thank you so much for my quilt! It means a lot to know that people out there don’t even know me yet they are willing to put in the time and effort for make a quilt that looks like one someone who has known me for years would come up with! And hearing about you and your family is a really nice letter to receive  

Have a great day! And I will definitely be posting a photo up on your Facebook page with my quilt. 

Love Always

Hi Jan-Maree,

I absolutely love my quilt! Kerryn has put so much work into it and I will cherish it always. I do not mind if you put the photo on your blog.  I hope winter back home is being kind to you! 

Kindest regards,  

Now just take note – the following email is from a fellow.  His request was for a PINK Dragons quilt.  I queried it with him as I usually query the “unusual” requests and this was his response


Pink is correct. We have a bit of fun on board with our bedding. So I think this will be a great colour for the boys and myself to enjoy and not be too serious about.

Thanks for checking though 🙂

Well the quilt arrived!

Dear Jan-Maree,

Today a package arrived addressed to me, but not from my mother, who could this be from?   I turned the box over to find it from Rita M.  I shook the box and felt it for weight and knew at once it must be my quilt!  So excited I ripped open the box and found a bright pink textile within. I though at once that this will be exactly what I asked for.  I  unfolded it and with some of the other lads gathered showed them my PINK DRAGON QUILT.

The reaction was great. All the guys had a great big grin on their face. We had been on a long patrol and it was a nice bit of comic relief at the end of it.  Immediately it took pride of place on my rack and now is a sure stand out in the drab mess.  I wanted to thank you so much for my quilt. It was a genuinely nice gesture. Other guys who have received them also love them!

Kindest regards 

One for Cath Willett
Quilt received, much thanks. Its nice to know somebody is aware we are actually out here. It really does mean a lot to everyone.

Thank you

This for a quilt made by Eleanor

I would like to thank you very much for the quilt! I finally received it with the mail drop at this port. It is a very well made item indeed, and I truly appreciate the time and effort you have put into mine and everybody else’s. 

Thank you very much!


And this for a quilt made by Stephanie T


        I have recently received my Quilt that Aussie Hero Quilts has gratefully made for me whilst I am deployed overseas. I wish to thank you and everyone who works with you in making the quilts and bags for all of us away from home.  Its these little things/ nice gestures that make the trips all that easier. So once again thank you I really loved my Sydney Swans quilt… 

Go Swannies!!!!!  

And one for another quilt made by Louise

Good Afternoon Jan-Maree,

I received my quilt in the mail the other day and it is magnificent. Thank you very much for the effort you and your team put in to making it. I very much appreciate it. 

Thanks again.

And…….another one made by Louise…

Hi Jan-Maree,

                             We got into XXXXXX a few days ago and I was ecstatic to receive in the mail my Aussie Hero Quilt. Upon opening up the box it came in, I was delighted to see that the quilt had my favourite team emblem on it. The quilt fits my bed snugly and is one of the best in the mess. Thank you very much for the quilt and the time taken to sew and send it over.  My heart felt thanks and appreciation to all at  Aussie Hero Quilts for the effort and time put in to design, sew and send me this awesome quilt. 

Many regards

Hi Anne,

I hope you don’t mind that I emailed you rather than writing, I thought it would reach you much quicker. I got the laundry bag today! Thank you so so much! My previous bag got pilfered just a few days ago so it came just in time. How did you get into doing the Aussie Hero Quilting?

Once again, thank you so much for the laundry bag, the chocolate biscuits and the sudoku book. Though thank you especially for the letter, it definitely made my day today, it’s always nice to hear from somebody back home. Especially someone who has served with the military and knows what it is like.
Thanks heaps, hope to hear back,

Hi Shirley,

I just wanted to thank-you for the beautiful laundry bags you made and the packages of goodies. There are plenty of new people here who have requested their own laundry bag and are pleasantly surprised when they receive such a thoughtful gift. 

I hope all is well at home and I want you to know that the quilts and laundry bags that you send over are really appreciated by everyone, there’s not many people here who don’t have one of the AHQ bags so they are definitely popular!
All the best and thanks for your support!!


I am writing to say thank you so much for the quilt and laundry bag I have just received!  I especially love the yellow and black (Richmond Tigers) colours of the quilt, and I can see that a lot of time and love went in to making both items.  Members who were present when I opened the box were also very impressed, and they are now finding out how to get a quilt as well.  Thank you again, the present have brightened my day and my room.

Kind regards 

Hi Jan,

I am extremely thankful for the lovely and impressive quilt and laundry bag. As I said before, you and the team do a fantastic job for us. Everyone I speak to always raves about what a lift they get when they receive the package labelled from Aussie Quits. 

Please pass on my thanks to Mrs Jill M who obviously had spent a great deal of  of her precious and valuable time making the main component of the quilt and bag. Also please thank all the support crew who had an involvement in any form. And big thanks to you, for all the hard work you put in with coordinating this massive and well appreciated service.

I will be keeping both items as a memento, for a long time to come.

Warm Regards

This message for one of Nancy’s quilts


I received today, much to my surprise, a quilt from your organization.  On the off chance you know who made it please pass on my thanks. and I must say I’m impressed with the Australian animals in the stitching. 

Thank you very much.

Hello Jan-Maree

My quilt arrived in the mail yesterday, finally caught up with me. Please pass on my thanks to all those involved with the quilt. It now has pride of place on my bunk. Also thanks for the letter that was included with the quilt. As for me I’ve been doing this for the last thirty three years ( a little to long if you ask my wife) with most of that at sea. Happily I have been posted ashore on completion of this deployment and will hopefully spend some time at home. 

Once again thanks to all involved with Aussie Hero Quilts. Please keep up the good work. 

This one went to Joan


Thank you very much for the laundry bag, our CSM  (Company Sergeant Major) handed them out today. My name is XXXXXX, and I’m in the Air Force, working with the Army here till next February.
This bag will certainly brighten my day I love it *:) happy   
It’s absolutely stinking hot here at the moment, 50 degrees most days.
Anyway, thanks very much for the lovely gift, and my best wishes to you both for a happy and safe Xmas.

Dear Fran

I would just like to drop you a line and say thank you for my Canberra Raiders laundry bag. It has now taken pride of place in my mess deck and is a welcome change from the laundry bag we are issued. 

thank you very much for taking the time to make such a wonderful bag


The following email is for a laundry bag that Cath W made and sent. 


And I love it,  looks amazing and was so nice to receive this gift from you guys… the work you all do is amazing to say the least and its the simple things like a gift from home which makes this time we all spend here go that little bit quicker….
this is something that I will treasure and its great to know just how much support we have from home 
Thank you, thank you, thank you again

Hello Joan and Robin,

I have received the beautiful laundry bag and love it, I would like to say thank you very much for your hard work and great timing.  I received the laundry bag two days after my birthday so a big thank you. 

Please pass my thank you to all the lovely ladies that put in the long hours to produce these beautiful laundry bags and quilts they put a smile on every ones face who receive them. 

Thank you very much I love your work. 

All the best 

And I received an email from the same fellow.

Hello Jan-Maree,

I’m very Sorry for the late reply. I do have both the laundry bag and bed quilt, I love them both. Both arrived around two days after my birthday which was great timing.   I would like to say thank you for your efforts and that of the ladies that  put a lot of time into the laundry bag and quilt, both are very beautiful and I will use them for all my exercises.   The work that your self and the ladies do is exceptional and puts a smile on a lot of service members faces.   Thank you very much I love your work and am very happy with the laundry bag and quilt.

All the best 

hi Jan-Maree

My quilt arrived in the mail two days ago. Thank you so much for organising it. I really appreciate it. I will send Jeann a letter once we get to our next port thanking her and her group.

Thank you

For Fran T’s efforts

I received my Aussie Hero Laundry bag yesterday. I just wanted to say I am extremely happy with the finished product. I would like to thank you, Aussie Hero Quilts and all of the
wonderful woman who put their time and skills into making the quilts and bags for us. We all appreciate it very much over here.

Hi Jan-Maree,

Just letting you know I received my quilt two days ago while the ship was visiting XXXX.  I was both blown away by the fantastic work on the quilt and also completely humbled by it.
I can’t begin to thank you and your organisation enough for the amazing work you are doing for us deployed ADF members.

Again, sincerely thankyou very much.

Well, I am off to cook dinner.  Caroline (aka Deputy Nut)  and another friend are coming for dinner.   The plan is to feed them into submission and then get them to help me pack boxes! Hee hee!
Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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    Utterly spine tingling delightful reading! Love it!

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    So many lovely messages. Makes me want to go hug them all.

  3. Janine C

    What great quilt photos and a magnificent pink dragon quilt – Wow.


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