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31 August 2023

Hi All

I keep telling you how good the Aussie Hero Thank You Weekend is but I thought maybe it would be good for you to hear it from others who have experienced it. Here are some testimonials from others who have attended it in the past, with their unbiased testimonials about their Aussie Hero Thank You Weekend experiences… 


As an Aussie Hero Quilt volunteer from Perth I often feel rather isolated from the AHQ community however the Volunteer Weekend is a great way to connect with other volunteers and feel a bit more a part of what is going on – whether you live the furthest point away in Perth, or closer in the Eastern States.


I started sewing for AHQ in January 2017 and went to my first Volunteer dinner in Nov 2018, then again in October 2022. Of course, I am going this year and am already saving the FlyBuys for next year’s weekend  😄 


In 2017 it was great fun getting to visit Canberra (the previous time was a school trip in 1981!!) and the personal tours around Duntroon and the Australian War Memorial were very interesting.


Being able to meet some of the other quilters was a highlight as we all of course share a passion for quilting and being able to give to those who deserve it.


The 2022 weekend certainly raised the bar with the volunteer Friday night event – there was a fascinating talk from Mike Armstrong, and of course, meeting Squish, (he seemed to be a firm favourite with many quilters) and the stories from some quilt recipients may have had a few of us wiping a tear from our eye. And let me tell you, there is nothing like the excitement in a room of quilters when being presented with a goody bag full of quilty surprises!


The bus tour on Saturday had us visiting some local quilt shops and sights (adored the National Arboretum) and getting to hang out with some new friends – being backseat bus bogans was a load of fun! 😉 (Yes our names are on those seats for this year!) The dinner on Saturday night was spectacular with a compère like no other and an auction that needs to be seen – my name is SO going down for any Tula gear!


This year I have added an extra night on so I can attend the Sunday morning event also, and just enjoy a bit of me time as well. The hotel location is perfect for those of us who do not know the area or are not driving and the events keep you busy, but also allow some downtime. The whole weekend gets you keen and excited to take on some new projects and keep on helping out a worthy cause, and of course the best part – new quilty friends!!!




To any of our volunteers thinking about going to the Aussies Heroes Dinner in October, in the words of the Nike ad ‘Just do it’

I can tell you from experience you won’t regret it.

It’s a fantastic weekend, not only the dinner which is always something very special and we do get up close and personal with our ADF in uniform.  Thats a sight to behold. It always gives me a thrill and It’s such a fun night. 

The Friday afternoon is always an interesting one and  is a great way to meet other volunteers as is the Quilters Gathering   on the Friday night. Its always  different  with amazing guest speakers (no never boring) and a lot of fun. It’s a chance   also  to taste the famous Jan Maree Anzac biscuits…..if your quick!

Name badges help to recognise people you may have only known  through a name on  the blog or Facebook and  It’s great to  be able to put faces to those names, Many friendships have been formed this way.

I can highly  recommend the bus tour on the Saturday, not only the visits to patchwork/specialty shops but it’s a great way to see the beautiful city of Canberra’s  sights and delights  of which there are many. The tour is very well thought out each year to maximise the day. It’s a lot of fun and a wonderful pre cursor to the main event….the dinner!

We finish of the weekend with Brunch at Poppy’s at the AWM. It’s a beautiful cafe, take the time to read the story of Poppy, it’s worth it! The perfect place to finish a truly fabulous weekend and to say goodbye to new found friends. 

I was a newbie many years ago and was welcomed as you will be by AHQ and the ADF family so much so that the dinner weekend is now on my calendar every year! We are all left in no doubt that what we do for our ADF is important and appreciated so, 

Just do it!

Cheers Jacqui D


Last year was my first AHQ weekend and I’m still talking about what fun it was. After making the quilts and laundry bags for a year and half, and seeing the weekend cancelled twice during that time because of COVID, I finally got to put faces to the names I’d seen on the blogspot against their quilts.  

Old friends caught up and new friends were made over the weekend. Lots of fun and interesting visits and activities were organised to keep everyone busy and the Dinner on the Saturday night was amazing. The quilts on display really added to the atmosphere and the MC and auction kept everyone in stitches. If you’re thinking about going along this year, don’t hesitate – it’s sure to be a blast!



Aussie Hero Dinner, what it means to me. 

My name is Mrs Sue N. I am 62 years old and love Aussie Hero Quilts (and laundry bags). I have been with this wonderful organisation since I discovered them during their first year of operations. Whilst I have always done charity work throughout my life since 16 years old, I always felt I wished I could do more. Anything I could do from home was always the goal, health permitting, that I won’t go into now. 

I love how well organised and easy to follow and the fact that each and every make is for an individual person. I feel that I am really contributing and making life a little bit better for someone. 

Now onto what this piece is really about. Aussie Hero Dinner Weekend. I have been to a few now, so really worth the cost. To be in the company of like minded people who know what we are about and can talk Aussie Hero stuff all day long and not have to explain knowing they all feel the same way is invigorating and inspiring. To see people in the flesh, not just a name on line on the computer is exciting and fun. 

To hear the stories from the mouths of people whom our efforts and love what we do, is humbling and makes me want to do more. I am a homebody by nature, I don’t go out to dinner, lunch or coffee or anything except for Aussie Hero Dinner. 

This is the only travelling I do and it keeps me going for months and months after, in fact I get excited to save for the next one. Worth the money? You bet. If you have never been to a dinner you are missing out. You should go to one at least once and experience what it is all about.

Sue N


Well the Annual AHQ Dinner is fast approaching.  Sadly, I will not be able to attend this year due to family commitments.  I know that when the weekend arrives I will be envious of all who will be there.

We all know why we sew for AHQ.  We all read the various letters that are posted on Grati-Tuesday and we understand the hearfelt thanks contained in each one.  But until I attended my first Dinner, a few years ago,  I hadn’t experienced the genuine and full depth of those thanks.  There are outings, gatherings and tours to enjoy with those sewers that I already knew and those that I knew by name only, from all over Australia, but never expected to ever meet. Trust me, they are all now my friends. Then at the major event of the weekend – the actual dinner.

I was blessed at the 10th Annual dinner, last year, to be personally thanked by some of my recipients and I heard first hand from them, and all the speakers, as they talked, of the impact of their service and the depth of appreciation for a quilt or laundry bag made just for them. I do not have any family connection to any branch of the military but I have learned so very much from these wonderful people over the years.

If you are having any doubts about attending the Dinner in October please rethink, if you can, because the weekend is an amazing experience for all the reasons above. (PS…… if you do go to the dinner I would advise that you make sure you have tissues handy – just a quiet little tip!!!!)

Lynn F.


Don’t forget, tickets are available from Trybooking. https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/1036808

You need to email me for a code to get the special discounted price for the Saturday night.

You really need to come and join us in Canberra. 


Till next time…. get on and buy your tickets! We will miss you otherwise.


Jan-Maree xx

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