Supply versus Demand – WE NEED YOU!

Written by AHQ

28 July 2014

When I went to Melbourne someone admitted to me that when they heard about Aussie Heroes for the first time they thought that I had bitten off more than I could chew.  They then went on to say that I had proved them wrong.  Tonight I have to admit that we might be reaching the point where supply will struggle to equal demand over the next six months.

I don’t know HOW we are going to meet demand, 
I don’t know IF we can meet demand, 
but I do know that we have to keep going and DO WHAT WE CAN.
The bottom line is that WE NEED MORE HELP

We need more Aussie Hero Friends.  

We need more people to make quilts and more to make laundry bags.
If you can only make one quilt that could be the quilt that turns up somewhere when someone really needs a boost.  If you are able to make complete quilts from start to finish, or if you can take a quilt top and turn it into a quilt – we need you. If you can take a set of blocks and put them together with some of your own stash to produce a quilt, we need you. 
Our laundry bag production has taken a hit recently, two of our regular sewers are currently not able to sew for family and health reasons and that means we need you.
Laundry bags are easy to make -if you have been thinking about getting involved with AHQ but don’t want to quilt – then make a laundry bag, choose some bright colours from your stash and go for it.
When you think that in the last thirty months or so we have sent nearly 3000 quilts and over 4500 laundry bags on their way that is pretty amazing.  Do the sums.  That is around 100 quilts amonth and around 150 laundry bags a month. An absolutely amazing effort especially when you consider we have only around 150 active Aussie Hero Friends.
Currently we have more requests than I can confidently say we can meet between now and the rest of the year.  Am I discouraged?  Am I going to panic?  Well I did a little to be honest and then I remembered the philosophy I started Aussie Heroes with.
We can only do as much as we can do


 what we are doing today is more than was being done before


definitely more than was being done before Aussie Heroes existed.

There is no question that what we are doing is making a difference and absolutely no question that we need to keep doing it.

What can you do?

Please spread the word.  Maybe you know a quilt group who might be interested or who might not know about us. Please feel free to contact them and show them our blog.  All the information needed to get involved is on the blog. Once they have read that and know what we do I would love to hear from them.  I just don’t have time to make all the first contacts.  I need your help.  

Please know that we are working as hard as we can to get quilts and laundry bags to all of you but it may take time, and it may take longer than we want, but as long as you are on my list, and as long as I can contact you, and that may mean that you need to give me a personal email address as well as your deployed address, I will get a quilt to you.

Till next time……………..KEEP SPREADING THE WORD and happy stitching!  JMxx

An oldie but a goodie  – fellows from 17 Construction Squadron in Tarin Kot in 2013.

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  1. Jo in TAS

    I've shared your post with all my quilting friends, good luck!

  2. Libster

    Im getting on board and spreading the news!!

  3. kiwikid

    I am sure quilters will rise to the occasion…I will ask at my group even if they make blocks and I put them together.

  4. trash

    Have shared the info on Instagram and already have promises of quilts. To quote Momastery " We can do hard things."

  5. Beeshebags

    I'll print this post off and take it to quilting with me tomorrow (Weds) and see if we can't have a quilting bee or three (I would've said two, but three rhymed lol). Hugs Nomes xx

  6. Natalie Yates

    Hi we have shared your blog post on our a Wild Cotton Fabric page and have interested customers wanting to help you

  7. Unknown

    that's a great idea!

  8. Unknown

    I would be happy to help out – I have a longarm machine and would be happy to quilt some tops for this worthy cause.
    Please email me at be*****************@gm***.com
    great effort on your part.

  9. Unknown

    Do we have an address where we can send them. How do we get involved


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