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23 July 2014

Most of you will recognise this as the logo for that wonderful organisation called SOLDIER ON. If you have not heard about them then you need to check them out here

I pinched this from their website but I don’t think they will mind

Soldier On is about Australians coming together to show their support for our physically and psychologically wounded. We want to show the men and women of our Defence forces that we will always have their backs.
Thanks to the support of the Australian public, we work to enhance recovery, inspire communities and empower Australia’s wounded, giving those who have served our country the dignity they deserve and the chance to do and be whatever they choose.
Soldier On is independent of government and looks to build on the support offered by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and other government agencies by supporting all of Australia’s wounded, serving and ex-serving. We are funded by generous Australians – just like you – and every dollar donated to the charity goes towards programs to help our wounded.
We want to make sure our wounded are able to overcome the obstacles caused by their injuries; enjoy happy, fulfilling lives; and feel proud for the sacrifices they have made.
We also serve as the link between wounded Australians and their communities, allowing people from all walks of life to support our wounded men and women and help them succeed in their rehabilitation and beyond.

The Soldier On Organisation was formed in 2012, the same year as us.    I am delighted to say that they have asked us to provide a quilt to be raffled at their Gala Ball on the 29th of August this year.   I have to say it is as honour to be asked and a privilege to contribute their cause.  Anything to benefit our wounded heroes is very important to me. 

I am not going to show you the whole quilt yet as it has not been completed.  All I can share so far is the logo that I have re-created and in a couple of weeks I will show you the whole quilt.  It will be auctioned on the night as part of a silent auction.  
You don’t have to be at the ball to bid on it. 

Wish us luck.  I hope it raises a lot of money as I can’t think of a better cause or one that is more close to my heart.

By the way, I am going to the ball and would love to hear from anyone else who is coming!

Till next time………………keep spreading the word…………….

and save your pennies so that maybe you can put in a big!  JMxx

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