Sewing Day Catch Up.

Written by AHQ

11 July 2013

Hi All,
Well, a busy day was had yesterday, so busy in fact that I didn’t have time to stop and take any photos let alone stop and smell the roses.  Stephanie T, Cheryl D and Carolyn came and we worked solidly.  We pinned a bunch of quilts so that I can quilt them and get them off to Newcastle.  

Cheryl put the red white and black stars together into a gorgeous quilt top -it looks really striking.  A lovely piece of black and white floral was used to make a the backing with a left over star in the middle of it.  The resulting quilt is going to be gorgeous.  I wish I had taken a picture but no time and anyway, as the recipient is now back in Australia she could easily be checking out the blog and I don’t want to risk spoiling the surprise.

Both Carolyn and Cheryl got stuck into putting the binding on quilts and Stephanie and I sorted out 14 quilts for her to quilt!!!  We also cut up a roll of fabric into backing lengths and cut up the last my roll of batting into quilt lengths.  First thing Monday morning I will be ordering some more batting.  Big thanks to all those who have made donations as I just could not keep ordering batting without your kindness.

Finally while I started sewing some binding Stephanie sorted lots of our BOMs into Kits.  These are all available if anyone wants to put their hand up to put one together. You might like to take the blocks and make them up into a completed quilt and send it off or you might just like to completed the quilt top and send it back to me.  

First up we have the star blocks.  Still my some of my favourite blocks I think.


This one needs an extra star but I have one already cut out and ready to sew.


MAY BOM Kit 1 

This is going to be a really lovely quilt I think but it will need a border top and bottom and it is too short at this stage. 

JUNE BOM Kits 1 – 5 

I have five of these kits and they will all need borders all the way around.  Of course if you want to piece them with sashing you are more than welcome.  I think these are just fabulous and will make such happy quilts.

If you are prepared to take any of these kits and either complete the quilt tops or the quilts please let me know and to help with postage it would be great if you could send a 500g prepaid satchel.  You can fit one kit per satchel.


Just a reminder there will be no sewing day in Penrith this weekend.  
The next days will be at my home on Tuesday the 23rd of July
and at Penrith Patchwork on the 11th of August.


If you have sent off a quilt this week and are not on the following list can you please let me know so that I can make sure that you are counted in the Weekly Dispatch post tomorrow night.

Julie Ann
Kiwi Karen (and JMB)
Pam M
Pat D
Sue F
Sue N
There are many reasons why we sew for Aussie Heroes and all of them are important but today I learned why one new Aussie Hero Friend is making an Aussie Hero Quilt and I think it is extra special so I asked her permission to share it with you.

I started doing this as my beloved brother-in-law was in the Army for 20 years, including  a tour of Vietnam. He is dying of leukemia and has only months to live now. I can’t do a  lot for him, so I figure I can do something for the guys who are serving now. I told him about the quilts last month when we were visiting him  [they live interstate] and he liked the idea 

For once I am not quite sure what to say other than I know I will be thinking of this family over the next few months as I sew and a little of the love I put into my quilts will be in this veteran’s memory as well.

Normally I save the thank you messages and post them on Tuesdays and Sundays in special dedicated posts but this one, received by Sue N for yet another of her laundry bags, has to be shared today as I found it really moving.  

Dear Mrs N,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the wonderful laundry bag you have made for me.
My mother also loves to sew, and from that I can clearly see your talent and love of sewing in the bag you have produced.
As you have no doubt seen in the news, Australian soldier Corporal Cameron Baird was killed in action recently. I was a member of his Honour Guard at his farewell ceremony as he made his last leg home from the Theatre of Operations. As you can imagine, it was a very sad time for us here regardless of the fact if we knew Cameron personally or not.
I received your laundry bag shortly after the ceremony, and it lifted my spirits to know that someone I have never met took the time to make something for an unknown Australian soldier as a token of thanks for what we are doing here and the sacrifices we endure in completing our mission on behalf of the government and the Australian people.
With many thanks,
Do you need any more reason to sew?

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and stitch with love.

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  1. Sue Niven

    So good! I love and read everything on the blog. Those quilts are going to be spectacular!

  2. barbara woods

    love your star Jan-marie. how are your boys?


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