Save the date!!! 21 October 2023

Written by AHQ

23 March 2023

Greetings all,

Plans are afoot for this year’s Thank You Weekend and I can’t share everything with you yet but I can tell you the date.

Lock in 21 October 2023!! 

That is the weekend you want to be in Canberra if you volunteer for Aussie Heroes or if you are a recipient of one of our quilts or laundry bags.

We will have a tour planned for Friday afternoon. Exciting plans are afoot but we cannot say anything yet. We will have our Friday night function as usual but this year it will be held at ADFA.

We will be staying at The Rex again.  We have another accommodation deal, much the same as last year.  We will have a special booking code, email me if you want to know what it is.

The code will entitle you to 10% off the best available rate.

Guests can make the booking by emailing to Re**********@ca**************.au or gr****@ca**************.au or they can also call the Rex on 0262485311. Please be advised, the best available rates are dynamic in nature and does fluctuate depending on how occupancy shifts. In other words, if  book a King room today, it may not be the same rate for someone else if they book tomorrow.

We will have a newbies breakfast at The Rex again so that new volunteers can meet each other as well as meeting me (Jan-Maree) and other admin volunteers, depending on who is available.  We are also planning another bus tour on the Saturday after Breakfast.  This will include quilt shops and lunch and other locations but we are still locking the itinerary in.

The event of the weekend will be the Dinner on Saturday night. We will be back at The Rex again with auctions and a raffle.  I already have one fabulous Auction Item that I will share in a separate post and we have some wonderful items coming for the Raffle as well.

As always, the weekend will culminate with breakfast at Poppy’s on the Sunday morning, a last chance to swap numbers, emails and the like before everyone leaves Canberra and heads off home.

Tickets will be available shortly, I just need to do some maths (and get someone to check my calculations) to make sure we set the correct price. Just like last year, there will be one price for the volunteers and a slightly higher price for non-volunteers. A volunteers spouse is considered a volunteer for the purpose of ticket prices. We know that in many cases, the partners are also enablers, making it possible for our volunteers to keep sewing.

I think that is all for now.. make sure you put the weekend of 20-22 October in your calendar so you are able to attend the dinner. I will let you know as soon as tickets go on sale, it will not be long.

Cheers for now

Jan-Maree xx



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