Quilts of the Week 8 March

Written by AHQ

8 March 2013

Welcome to Quilts of the Week for March 8th

The tally so far-

 13 quilts this week and 51 laundry bags.

247 quilts and 571 laundry bags for 2013

1248 quilts and 1936 laundry bags in total

And here is another milestone that I just noticed today! 
This is the 400th post for Aussie Heroes!


Check out the little sliver of Aussie fabric that Angela was able to sneak in to this quilt.


Bev and Jeff 
Country teatowels in a wonderful country setting.
Christine C (WA)


And holding up the quilt we have a rather elusive creature.  These are shy humble animals who like to gather in groups, love to work together on either their own projects or a communal one, can chat for hours whilst still achieving much and yet, at the sight of a camera, run for cover faster than the speediest gazelle.  They are called Homos Quilterus  – or the common name Quilters.  This is a rare one who is brave enough to be seen displaying her gorgeous quilt with pride.  Bravo Debra!  Maybe she will be able to entice more brave quilters in future. 

Jenny and Gale

Jenny B

 Joy made the quilt top, Stephanie quilted it and arranged the binding and I appliqued the brahman bull on it for its new owner.
Did you know “Red Bull gives you Wings?”

Another joint effort, top made by Julie, quilted and bound by Stephanie and appliqued by yours truly.

Julie Ann


Marg was given this helicopter fabric at a steal!

After making the first quilt on her own Marg’s young Japanese visitor, Kiyumi, who only speaks Japanese and has never sewn before wanted to make a quilt and a laundry bag, buy the treats and send it off!  So here is her contribution.


Sue N

Will finish off the week with a few thank you messages  
Dear Cheryl,
I am writing to not only personally thank you but to thank you on behalf of all deployed forces.  Many troops have had the pleasure of receiving a meticulously crafted quilt and laundry bag from caring Australians like yourself.  I know the troops are very excited to receive this gifts and are overwhelmed by the gesture and effort of all concerned.  It was a most thoughtful as well as useful gift.  I was particularly impressed by the high quality of the craftsmanship.  I can’t imagine the hours each one must have taken to complete?

I didn’t recall specifically requesting Bananas in Pyjamas but it was a great source of amusement for the troops nonetheless and i particularly liked the slouch hat version.

It is an honour and a privilege to deploy overseas to help Afghanistan become a safer place, and aid in the maintenance of security for Australia.  it’s particularly encouraging to know that the work our troops are doing is recognised and appreciated by fellow Australians like yourself.

Now I can’t tell you who the fellow what that recevied the Bananas in Pyjamas quilt – suffice to say he is not a junior fellow – hence the enjoyment of his troops at his Bananas in PJs quilt and bag!
And finally one for all of us.  This surprised me in the PO Box yesteday and just made my day!

Your thoughtful letters of heartfelt wishes
and your careful chosen graces
had found their way, on Christmas Day
to our of all the places

Hence we would like to thank you 
for the generosity you have shown
and for being there to support us
while we’re so far from home.

Our thoughts rest on those who have fallen
of those who’ve paid the price
may we continue always
to honour their sacrifice.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Janine C

    Another amazing array of quilts and bags – what amazing gifts. I love bright colours in quilts.

  2. Sue Niven

    another fantastic post, Love it all.


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