So saddened to hear that we lost another fine soldier!  I am sure that all our thoughts are with his family and friends and all the wonderful members of the Special Ops Task Group at this devastating time.  

Just for info another wounded warrior quilt is on its way to be held in case of need.  If you are working on a WWQ could you please let me know so that I know where they are if and when the need arises.

Now I think we need a smile and this is sure to bring one to you.  

Meet three of our latest recruits.

First we have gorgeous 5 year old Lola – She spent several hours ironing the strips, with a small travelling iron on the table top ironing board.
Then we have fantastic 7 year old Matilda.
Finally fabulous 9 year old Ruby
Lucky Chris has these three little angels sewing away with her in SA.  I will be looking for two special recipients for these quilts on completion.

The mail has been flooding in this week.  Please forgive me if I don’t send a personal thank you email to you at the moment –  I am a bit snowed and although I try to sometimes there just isn’t time. 

A lovely parcel came from Julie Ann in Adelaide with a lovely letter that said she has another three quilts on the way after she gets some personal quilting done. She also wrote a PS and said that she loves reading the Aussie Hero Blog every day and I thought this was a good time to say thank you to all of you who give me encouragement like that  – it means a lot!

Love this quilt with the Aussie Icon fabric and the Iconic Southern Cross.
 Julie Ann also sent a bunch of laundry bags.
 I have to say that this one is my favourite but I just can’t decide if I should send it to a male or a female so I am going to take the easy way out and send it in a box of others and let them fight it out over there!
 Julie Ann also went wild and made a whole bunch of Strippy String BOM blocks!
 Thanks so much Julie Ann!!!

Heard from my point of contact in Tarin Kot and can now confidently start sending laundry bags and quilts over regularly – I won’t publish the address as I need to control the rate of flow if you like but email or leave a contact if you have something ready to send.  Quilts can go individually, laundry bags by the box.  My aim is to send about 3-4 quilts a week depending on availabilty.

I think you guys must have liked these blocks as there seem to be more of these than normal.  I hope you like the Shoo Fly block as much!  Incidentally if anyone is planning to send some more strong blocks can you please let me know so that I can plan to include them in the quilts.  Personally, I can’t wait to see them!

These great string blocks came from Peg.  

I am really embarrassed to say that a lovely lady sent me these string blocks but I am not sure who as someone, in my absence, moved some things about in one of my work areas (I have kind of taken over the house) and now the accompanying letter or note has gone missing!  Please let me know if you recognize your work!

These laundry bags were sewn by Judith and delivered to my door step yesterday 

along with this quilt top.

By the way, if there are two laundry bags the same I try to make sure the patch on the front is different or the cord channel.  I try not to send off two identical ones.  Any that are very similar, where possible, are sent to different areas or well apart time wise.

Last lot of lovely show and tell for today  – these great blocks arrived from my friend Louise.  We met when our kids were all only  few months old and we went to the same mother’s group.  We have been friends ever since and though Louise lives a couple of hours north of me and is very busy with three lovely daughters and we don’t see each other much we have still remained friends.  Recenlty she visited me and learned all about Aussie Heroes and is now motivated to make some blocks for us!  Love these – they have a real “citrussy” feel don’t you think?

received three more parcels today but I will show you the contents tomorrow as I have not yet had time to take pics!

Okay!  Here is my laugh for the day!
One of our lovely Friends, Caroline, owns an indoor playcentre!  She has just told me that, as well as dropping some brochures off to the local quilt shop, she has laminated some copies of the flyer for Aussie Heroes and has stuck them on the back of all the toilet doors in her complex for a little light reading whilst they sit!  Talk about a captive audience! LOVE IT!

Till next time………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!