Quilt Presentation!!!

Written by AHQ

26 August 2023

Every once in a while we have the honour and privilege of doing something special for someone.

Today we travelled to surprise my brother.


He had no idea we were coming and had no idea we had put his name forward for an Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags)  quilt.


We found him at the RSL club where he goes to the raffles. 
Organised earlier, when the raffles finished they called him up and his son and I went up together. 
We thanked my brother for his service to his country. Told him how proud we are of him. Then unravelled his beautiful quilt and letter of thanks.


No one knew he was a Vietnam Vet and we were so moved by the people who came to him and thanked him for his service.


He is getting more frail, but we had a lovely lunch together and some  


When I saw his face as we gave him his quilt I realised how much these Vets need a thankyou.


I saw respect on people’s faces today.


Presented and written by Carole J.




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