Quick update on the Centenary Quilt ……. and More Medals 9 April

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9 April 2015

Hi all.   

Before anything else it is time for a quick update on the adventures of the Centenary Quilt as written by the current Command Warrant Officer.
During the period 19-29Mar the quilt toured Afghanistan. I have not seen all the photos as yet, but I have seen one of the videos and the young lass gets quite emotional when talking about Aussie Hero Quilts’ support of personnel in the MER (Middle East Region). The quilt spent time in Kabul, Qargha, HQ Resolute Support and Kandahar. Eight “Mission Squares” have now been completed. It has three more missions to go. The last square will be signed by the boss. (Rear Admiral Jones)
I hope you are not bored of looking at medals as I have few more posts for you before ANZAC Day, each featuring a new medal or two for you to learn about, plus lots of the medals that I have already told you about.   I wonder if you are finding them easier to recognise by now.

Just about all these photos were sent in to me by recipients, their proud partners or parents. I even have some sets coming up featuring medals from Vietnam as well as WWI and WWII.

I have prepared all my posts on medals now and have no more time to do any more preparation before I go to the Australian Quilt Convention next week.  I have a few more posts in the lead up to ANZAC Day so make sure you check them out. If you have any medals that are not included in those posts I would still love to receive photos but otherwise I have all that I need now thank you – you have all been great sending in the photos and I really appreciate your support.  

This set was sent in by Lisa, one of our peacekeepers and introduces a new medal.

From left to right you have the Australian Active Service medal with ICAT Clasp for Afghanistan, Afghanistan Medal, Active Service Medal with Sinai Clasp, and the Australian Defence Medal (ADM).  The last medal is the Multi National Force Observer Medal.

Multi National Force and Observer Medal is given to Defence Force members working under Operation Mazurka assisting the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in the Sinai, Egypt.  The Multinational Force and Observers Medal is authorized to be worn as a foreign medal for the Australian Defence Force. The medal is worn after Australian medals, with other foreign awards, in the order of date of receipt.
The MFO awards system recognises service with the MFO, including special recognition of outstanding acts or performance, by military and civilian members of the MFO, prime Sinai Support Contractor employees and individuals or organisations from outside the MFO who make a particular contribution to the organisation. MFO awards are to be worn in accordance with national rules and regulations.
The MFO Medal is a meritorious service medal which is awarded to military and observer members of the MFO in recognition of honourable performance of duty with the MFO.

The medal is bronze, round and bears the MFO emblem on the front, with the words ‘United in Service for Peace’ on the reverse.

The ribbon is the MFO orange colour, with a 1/4 inch white stripe centered between two vertical green stripes.  The medal can be awarded only once. Each additional six month period of service is denoted with consecutive numerals.
On ANZAC Day you are not only going to see Australian medals being worn.  It is likely that you will also see some members who earned medals serving with foreign countries such as New Zealand.  These photo was sent in by Phillipa

The one on the left is The Royal New Zealand Air Force Long Service and Good Conduct Medal was instituted in 1985 to replace the Royal Air Force Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.  It is awarded to non-commissioned RNZAF personnel who have completed 15 years’ unblemished service.
New Zealand Defence Service Medal was instituted in April 2011 to recognise attested military service since 3 September 1945. The Royal Warrant for the NZDSM allows for one or more clasps to be awarded with the medal. The number of clasps awarded to an individual will be determined by the type(s) of military service undertaken by the individual. There are four clasps which can be awarded with the NZDSM: REGULAR, TERRITORIAL, C.M.T. and NATIONAL SERVICE.

Thanks Phillipa. 

And a few more foreign medals.  These medals are being worn by this reader’s son and they are his father’s medals.  

The father, Bryan, served in the Brittish forces before coming to Australia on exercise, loved the place (well why wouldn’t you?) and eventually transferred over and completed 42 years of service in the end.   Two of the medals are English.   The first medal is the General Service Medal and says “FOR CAMPAIGN SERVICE” with Clasps for Malaysia and Cyprus.  Unfortunately I cannot identify the other medal, maybe one of you can. It would be nice to tell Bryan’s wife exactly what they are.

The other two are Australian and you will probably recognise the Defence Force Service Medal but the other one is very special.  What I have been able to find out about it is that from 1902 to 1975 the Australian Meritorious Service Medal was initially awarded to (Australian) Army non-commissioned and warrant officers who had served for at least 24 years.  What is particularly special about this particular medal is that it was the last one ever struck in Australia and ever given out.  Bryan’s wife said there was a big fuss and it was on television and presented by a Brigadier at 4 Field Artillery Regt in Townsville. 

A very proud mum sent in this photo of her son, TW’s medals.  Can you work out what they are?  Have a try and then scroll down to the bottom and see if you got it right.

JE also sent in her set of medals that she wears very proudly.  Hers are the same as TW’s except for that Olive Green one with the gold stripe down the middle.  I will tell you about that in a minute.

Another fellow, DC. also sent in his medal photo and again, have a guess and see if you have been paying attention.  You didn’t know there would be a test did you?

So that medal with the Indian Ocean Clasp…..

Is the The Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal which honours members of recognised Australian groups for emergency humanitarian service overseas in hazardous circumstances.
The Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal complements the Australian Service Medal (which is awarded to members of the Australian Defence Force) and the Police Overseas Service Medal.

Initially only awarded for service provided in response to civil unrest overseas that regulation was later amended in 2005 to enable recognition of humanitarian service provided in response to national disasters overseas.

Only one medal can be awarded to an individual. However, additional clasps may be awarded for eligible service in a different operational area.

The central symbol of the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal is an Australian eucalyptus tree. The branches spread from the Australian land at the base of the medal to the world, which is represented by a circle.
A ring of gum nuts surrounds the circle symbolising hope and life after disaster. Like the Australian eucalyptus seeds, which regenerate following bushfires, humanitarian service assists the recovery and continuation of life.
The back of the medal repeats the ring of gum nuts, and details the award and recipient.
The Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal draws its inspiration from Indigenous motifs. It was designed by Balarinji of Sydney.

The colours of the ribbon are gold and eucalyptus green.  Gold symbolises the Australian sun, optimism and hope. Eucalyptus green continues the regeneration symbolism of the medal design.
OK so how did you go guessing the medals above.  Scroll down to check how you went.

TW’s medals – Australian Active Service Medal with ICAT clasp for Afghanistan, Afghanistan Medal, Australian Defence Medal and North Atlantic Treaty Medal with ISAF Clasp.

JE’s medals – Australian Active Service Medal with ICAT clasp for Afghanistan, Afghanistan Medal, Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal with Indian Ocean Clasp, Australian Defence Medal 

DC’s medals – Australian Active Service Medal with ICAT clasp for Afghanistan and clasp for Iraq, Afghanistan Medal, Iraq Medal, Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal with clasp for Indian Ocean, Australian Defence Medal 

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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