QOTW 22 Feb

Written by AHQ

22 February 2013

A bumper crop headed off this week.  
We can’t do this every week but it is great to celebrate when we do!

The tally so far-

 46 quilts this week and 76 laundry bags.

203 quilts and 487 laundry bags for 2013

1204 quilts and 1852 laundry bags in total.

This quilt and the next 14 were all quilted by Stephanie, a new Aussie Hero Friend!  Not only did she quilt them but she cut and sewed all the binding on them and friends of hers did the hand sewing so that when Stephanie came along to the Penrith Sewing Day last Sunday she handed over a total of twenty completed quilts!   And she collected another ten!  

Thank you so much Stephanie!

First up for tonight’s Quilts of the Week is the last quilt from the August BOM blocks!  

Julie made the next three quilt tops 

Another of the quilts made during Kylie’s Mystery Quilt series, this one by Karen B.

The next five quilt tops were made by Lynn

Joy sent this one in 

a close up of the quilting detail





 This is Fiona’s first quilt for us and isn’t it just GORGEOUS! 

Gweneth and Sue are also sending off their first quilt for us.

Jan has two quilts this week.

This top was put together by Jan but you might be able to pick out some of your BOM blocks from previous months too.



This one was put together from BOM blocks sewn together by myself and others at a sewing day in Sydney in January.  I then took some fabulous embroideries by Michelle from VIC and put the quilt top together.  No prizes for guessing where this is going.


Sue and Aileen combined to make this bunch of laundry bags.

Wendy H sent me these cool laundry bags and the great quilt.

This is by Joan, mother of one of our ANZAC sailors!  🙂



This is Leanne Mac’s first quilt for us.

Rita C

Rita used a leftover hexagon to make a cushion as well.  In case you are wondering this is headed to a fellow in 7RAR.  Kind of appropriate don’t you think?

Rita M has sent off three quilts and laundry bags.

Love that backing!

I would love to show you the front of this quilt but it would give the game away if the recipient saw it.

The following are all quilt tops donated to and quilted by Nancy.

This final one was also quilted by Nancy but it was pieced by Louise on the Central Coast after I sent her the fabric.  

 Noting that the theme of the quilt is Spiderman – check out the quilting on the back!

Now if you haven’t had enough how about a few thank you messages.

This message was left on facebook overnight.

Hi AHQ! I’ve only just heard about your organization in the last couple of days from a couple of people who were extremely grateful recipients of your quilts and laundry bags. They bring so much colour and joy and a deeply appreciated reminder of home. Thank you for what you do.

Hi Rita M,
 Its a long time between mail runs here but your quilt has arrived and I’d
like to say a big thank you, its awesome and I love it.
 Deployment is going well, but there is still a long way to go. 
I had a boring rack until your quilt came along, it has really livened
it up, thanks very much. All the best to you and your family.
Best wishes,

Dear Elizabeth, 
I received your quilt and laundry bag today and it  was a pleasant surprise. This quilt will certainly keep me warm at nights here, I have already put some dirty laundry in the bag. I think the work you and your friends are doing is absolutely marvelous  It is great for the morale of all our soldiers who receive these items. I would like to emphasize how grateful I am to receive. I will cherish this and will take it home with me, I’m sure it will come in handy during the Adelaide Hills winter in the future.
Once again thank you very much 

This photo is one of Rita C’s quilts 

This thank you relates to one of the quilts sent off by Nancy.


I’m deployed with 7RAR in Afghanistan at present, I’d just like to say thank you for the excellent quilt and laundry bag that one of your members made and sent to me, it arrived safe and sound and has been on my bed ever since.  These are excellent quilts and much appreciated, thank you very much for your time and effort.  A lot of the boys now want one as they are such a nice personalized item, and the laundry bags in particular are great as you can not miss them.


Have a good weekend everyone.

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Janine C

    So many wonderful quilts – I'm full!

  2. Wendy

    Wow! What a bumper crop! Well done ladies

  3. Sue Niven

    so many wonderful quilts and laundry bags, Fantastic job everyone.

  4. Joy Belle

    Love the FLAME quilt with the map of Australia in the middle of the flame…. rather appropriate I think, especially atm. (haha)


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