Picture Perfect Happy Mail.

Written by AHQ

10 June 2015

Hi all.

Tonight we have a different kind of happy mail.  A couple of weeks ago I put out a call on the Facebook page for some Aussie Postcards. I include a letter with every quilt or laundry bag that I send off but if I send a second parcel to someone or when I send off boxes of laundry bags or whatever I always like to include a postcard.   I can’t hand write much these days thanks to my arthritis but I can type so I type up a message,print it out and stick it on the back of a postcard. That way the recipient is getting a bit of a message (you can fit a lot on a postcard if you type it) and a picture of Australia as well. I used to love putting up postcards when I lived away from home and I reckon lots of our deployed folks like the colour too.  Sometimes I know what their hometown is, sometimes I just choose a card from anywhere.  They all seem to like them but a few weeks ago I ran out of cards. I usually stock up when ever I travel but still I had run out.  So, I put out a call….. and you have all been so wonderful. I now have a lovely selection to choose from and some of the ones pictured are already winging their way around the world.  

I can always use more if anyone still wants to send them.

I have already shared a few on Facebook but these are the ones that have arrived since then. 

Thank you so much everyone.  🙂

Jacky G sent a great collection from Poppy Park

This next bundle from Kim B came with this lovely message…
“I hope these warm wishes from beautiful Broome put a smile on some faces.  keep up the good work – you’re all doing a great job.”

And another lovely message from a recipient accompanied these ones.

“thank you very much for your hard work,  This is my way of showing my appreciation for receiving my own quilt.  Amanda”

From Joan in Tassie – one of these is going off this weekend to a warm the heart of a deployed Tasmanian

From Sue P 

From Debbie P including a spotlight card –  big thanks for that Debbie  😉

From Sophie

From Liesa at the tindal RAAF PO – big thanks for the huge bundle of cards.  Very cool!!

thank you Katie L 

from Liz and Peter, a recipient’s parents. 

from the mother of an HMAS Darwin recipient and also a quilter….

Thanks so much everyone.  This might seem like a small thing but a colourful postcard is so much more interesting than a plain piece of paper and I would not have been able to afford to buy this many myself.  

Much appreciated.

Back to “normal” happy mail next week.  🙂

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


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  1. kiwikid

    Fantastic collection JM!!! Lovely to look at!

  2. Kaylee

    Lots of wonderful post cards there for you to use J-M..


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