Grati-Tuesday 9 Jun

Written by AHQ

9 June 2015

Hi all, 
Some great messages here tonight.

Good Afternoon Jan-Maree,

I just thought you would like a copy of the photos we had taken of our beautiful quilts. I have also sent the printed photos in the mail to my Quilter 🙂

Once again, thank you very much for everything you all do for us, words cannot express how thankful we all are. More and more quilts and laundry bags are arriving every week it is so great to see! We all gather around and watch in anticipation as the Quilts are unveiled, I love seeing everyone’s reaction! I wish you could see it Jan-Maree, there is so much joy in everyone’s eye and complete gratitude. So thank you for bringing joy and happiness to our camp! Kind Regards, 

Good morning Jan-Maree, Joan & all the volunteers at AHQ & LB Just a quick email to say that I received my teenage mutant ninja turtles laundry bag and couldn’t be happier. It was a welcome surprise in the mail this week and my boys will love it.
Thank you for the amazing work that you do. I greatly appreciate the effort that one of your volunteers has put into making this bag, it will be forever cherished.


Hi Debbie,

I was absolutely amazed when I unfolded the incredible Quilt you have made for me.  I’ll be taking it in to where I work to show the Flight Sergeant here who liaises with Aussie Hero Quilts on behalf of the troops. It is exceptional – thank you for your devotion and dedication you have quite clearly put into it, even down to the Aircraft silhouettes in the stitching across the entire quilt.

My brief included Centenary of Anzacs, as I’m serving overseas in this the 100 year anniversary; the Hudson plane, as I’ve named my first son after the aircraft; and the Iroquois helicopter because of its involvement (and my strong Military History interest) in the Vietnam War. 

I had hoped that possibly one of my requests would be met, noting I would have been grateful for any design regardless of if it met my requests or not. To have it include everything I asked for is truly more than I expected and I can’t thank you enough for my quilt.

When ever the mail is delivered everyone hopes they are one of the lucky ones to receive a parcel from home today, and whilst those who miss out today, still get offered a lolly or two from the parcels others have received, it always makes you feel appreciated when it is your name on one of the parcels this time round.

Thank you for sharing with me about your family in the letter, it is nice to hear stories from back home. I have the up most respect for farmers and most of my aunties and uncles are teachers, whilst one was a nurse. Our unit just last week received a stack of hand written cards from a Primary School on which the children had written notes. We all received one and everyone appreciated the thought put into them by such young kids back home in Australia.

I’m looking forward to the end of my deployment so as I can get back to my wife, and our beautiful children. We have a 4yo daughter, a 2yo son, and a 1yo daughter. I also miss my Siberian Husky-Diesel and Belgian Shepherd-Gypsy, assuming they haven’t dug up my back yard whilst I’ve been away😊.

Thank you for the bonus Jaffas wrapped up in the Quilt. The guys and girls will quickly devour them tomorrow when I share them around at work. One of my colleagues received a parcel of home made brownies and packets of redskins lollies today. They were lucky to last an hour before they were all gone. We’ve jokingly told him, as long as his mum keeps sending over delicious home made treats and lollies we will continue to put up with him 😊.

Once again, thank you for the amazing quilt, it is really appreciated and I will treasure it as a keepsake of my time serving overseas.

Kind Regards


To Sue N,
  I received your quilt in the mail and I just wanted to send you a short letter to say how extremely grateful I am.
  I absolutely love it and I can see just how much time and effort you have put into creating this for me. It is such a beautiful thing you do in taking the time to sew these gifts for soldiers and we truly appreciate it. Mail is the best part of our job!
  Stay safe and again
many thanks.

Kind regards

Hi Noeleen,
Just a quick email to say many thanks for the laundry bags (and treats!). I received the box on Sunday and it was a nice way to finish the weekend off. I wasn’t expecting anything either and surprises are always nice. The choccie eggs were shared around and very well received.  
Thanks also for your letter – it is nice to learn about the ladies at Aussie Hero Quilts and their backgrounds. 
I joined the Army five years ago and have spent my career in Sydney so far. I work within the administration and human resources stream normally, however am deployed to Kabul in more a movements and travel type role. 
I have had the opportunity to travel around Australia with my posted units during my time in the Army and Perth is my favourite place so far – I spent six weeks there earlier this year. I am also studying a Bachelor of Nursing, so the ultimate goal is to become an Army nurse once I finish my studies. 
I am the eldest of three children and the rest of my family still lives in Tasmania.
Many thanks again for the kind and very generous work that you all do. It is greatly appreciated by all deployed soldiers here. I will let you know when I receive the other boxes. 
Kind regards,

Hello Su,

I am a photographer of the Royal Australian Air Force currently on deployment in the Middle East Region.

I had no idea about the request for you to make a quilt…I was so surprised and blown away when I opened it.  I cannot thank you enough.  The workmanship is brilliant, and I really do appreciate the thought that goes behind it.  I cannot thank you enough.  I really had no idea of how much work and thought come from AHQ and friends of.  As this is my first trip to the Middle East, I have a much greater understanding.  It is amazing work, and people really do appreciate it.  So much so, that on multiple occasions when shooting video when we were following around the Anzac Centenary Quilt, some people had to stop during the interview as they would get quite emotional.  It actually makes me emotional thinking about it, people like yourself have touched many ADF personnel on deployment.  

I would like to hang the quilt up on the wall (as a centre piece), which I think will look awesome.  I also received a custom designed laundry bag from another South Australian lady, Julie-Ann.  I am also going to hang that up on a wall for the memories.  I am blown away at the time, thoughts and generosity that goes into these gifts.

I love your idea about marking out travels on the map.  I am going to treasure what you have made!

Thanks again, I really do appreciate it.

Best regards,
Hi Jan-Maree,

            I liked to acknowledge your efforts and to say many thanks to you and the maker of my quilt, it is much appreciated.   The time and effort that has gone into making the beautiful designed quilt that I requested and the countless others that have been provided . I also enjoyed reading the letter that came with the quilt and will endeavour to reply to this now that I am back on home soil. 

Thank you very much.
As an old soldier, there isn’t much that surprises me now days. However,receiving your quilt and lovely letter was a very pleasant surprise. This is my third trip to Afghanistan but the first time I’ve been sent anything like this. It’s nice to know that there are people thinking of us when we’re not in the news.

I noticed you said that you had a son who is serving in the middle-east. All of us over here are very aware of the sacrifices our families make to support us – it’s often not easy. More importantly, I hope he’s back soon and safely.

I spent a few years in Hawaii in the middle of last decade and they’re into quilting in a big way, using traditional patterns,a lot of which were influenced by wildlife and the sea. But I’ve never seen an NT quilt before. It’s now sitting on my bed under a massive Australian Flag that fills up the entire wall of my container. No one is under any doubt about my nationality. Not that the accent leaves much room for doubt in any case. While it’s getting towards summer over here. I’m not coming home until early “16” so the quilt will be more than decorative when it starts getting cold again. It’s perfect, many thanks again.

I’d be grateful if you could also pass on my thanks and regards to your “Bubbles” group and ask you all to raise a glass to the northwest the next time you guys get together.


The laundry bag you have made is amazing, I’m so humbled that you have taken the time to make this for me. How do I put into words my appreciation for this wonderful gift you have given me. 
It pleases me to read the enjoyment it gave you making this, I feel honoured that your inspiration came from the memory of your father’s support for the same football team. 
To receive a gift with the Arsenal logo means a great deal to me that I will always treasure.

I and other members of the ADF sincerely appreciate the time you and other members put in making items for ADF members on deployment.

 Dear Joan,
Thank you for my laundry bag. I was having to borrow one of my friends but now I have my own.
I really appreciate the time and effort you and your Aussie Hero companions go to, to create these wonderful quilts and laundry bags to help brighten our rooms.
I have been deployed for just under 3 month, this is my very first operational deployment in my short 4 years in the RAN. I am working in a tri-service environment which is very new to me. It has its challenges but so far I am enjoying my time in the MER. I do miss home a lot and I have left behind my partner, thankfully he is also in the Navy and is very understanding in regard to the struggle with communications.
As much as I am enjoying this experience I am looking forward to going home and sleeping in my own bed, there really isn’t any place like home.

Thanks again for the laundry bag, all the best

Dear Lynda, Megan and Elinor

My most profound and heartfelt thanks for this quilt and bag. 

I return home today having only done ‘short’ time being 3 ½ months here (inc time in Afghanistan) as what we call the ‘J07’ which is the senior medical officer for the Middle East. 

I return home today with pride in my service but also for our country which has people such as you. 

Your effort has such effect I only wish mere words could explain. 

Being old enough to have participated in the first gulf war a generation ago it remains as always about the people with whom and for whom we serve. You  honour us by your work and it is for people such as you we will unceasingly stand the watch. 

Fair Winds and Following Seas. 

Again my most sincere thanks. 

Hi Jackie & Jan-Maree,
I received the quilt in the mail today. It’s brilliant, I love it, especially the female surfer, I have already used the sunscreen!! 
Thank you for your time, effort and support. Everyone I talk to here who has received a quilt has appreciated the work done by Aussie Hero Quilts, and I am another satisfied recipient.


I came home to my room this afternoon, and outside my door was a parcel (yay). May I say thank you to you and also Sharnia (I hope I have spelt it correct).

The laundry bag is awesome, just what I needed, was using a small pillow case, so this is really the high end now, Love the design, love the superhero icons, Job well done team, I will have to guard it I feel so that no one steals this one of a kind must have art work.

I really cannot thank you both for taking time from you day to make this for me and the other lads who are currently away. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and very heart felt, so from me and the many others here, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In closing I cannot say thank you enough, your gesture is so welcomed, I again thank you both.

Safe travels and kind regards.

Good Morning/Afternoon Robin and Jan-Maree,
Thank you so very much for this fantastic quilt. I absolutely love it, it represents the loves of my life,  Army, Infantry and my beloved Storm. I will be giving this to my extra extra  love in my life my son. Thank you again for all your work. Robin, Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to Kerri B for the artwork.

For a laundry bag made by Sue G 

Jan-Maree good evening,
Thank you so much for the laundry bag which arrived recently, it’s fantastic! Guardsmen, taxis, Union Jacks and Aussie flags, great combination, and my initials too! Thank you very much, it’s much appreciated.
I also received my quilt from Rita, it was an absolute work of art and I have written separately to Rita to thank her for all her hard work and efforts on my behalf.
My thanks to you and the Ladies of HQ for the quite marvelous work you do, which is truly appreciated.
Keep up the good work and thanks again.
Kind regards

Morning Marina;      

        Thank you so much for the quilt and laundry sack, it was a most welcome gift.

        I used the laundry bag straight away as we have a variety of washer/dryers in the camp but we all have blue laundry bags so a bit of a downer on the laundry bag scavenger hunt, but bonus now, there’s my washing saving approximaly 3-20mins.

        The quilt is pride of place on my upper bunk as I have intermittent visitors who stay with me for a few nights…so get to show it off.

                    Thank you for your work and gifts, they will be appreciated for years.



Hi Kerri,

Thankyou so much for the beautiful laundry bag and the chocolates – lindt balls are my favourite!  It is so much nicer than I could have hoped for, and is now a prized possession. It is such a morale booster when we receive our quilts / laundry bags in the mail.  I love the way you have captured the colours of this place, and blended it with some reminders of home.

If you’re ever in WA please get in touch, and maybe I’ll meet one of your sons if they pass through here,

Thank you again,


thank you so much for the postcards and the laundry bags.  I gave the laundry bags out to the Force Protection guys who are out working most days in 46 degree heat and need to wash their clothes on a more than regular basis.  They absolutely loved them and spent ages selecting which one they would like to use.  We all appreciate any support we get. 

Good Afternoon Pam Y,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to make the laundry bag for me and everything you do for others, it’s inspiring. Gestures like these make a difference to our moral. Knowing that someone has taken the time to make these items is amazing and means a lot to us.

I absolutely love that it’s purple! It amazing.

I’m only 22 and in my first of hopefully many deployments with the Royal Australian Air Force.  I work in logistics so am always under the pump to get everyone what they need. I came back to find your parcel and it immediately brightened my day.

Thank you personally & thank you for everyone else you have provided a little bit of a booster for.

Kind Regards from the desert

Dear Donna P,

It is with an incredible amount of gratitude that I write to you from over in my deployed location in the Middle East. Last week I received two packages (somewhat unexpectedly) through the welfare postal system; one containing a magnificent quilt and the other a treasure trove of snacks and coffee. Firstly, it is quite humbling to think that there are many citizens in Australia who take an enormous amount of time out of their busy schedules to provide something as heartfelt and personal as this gift.  To put it into perspective – my wife, who is ex USAF (United States Airforce) and has conducted multiple deployments in some very dangerous areas of the world and is also a citizen of (arguably) the most patriotic country in the world, was completely blown away.

On a personal note I tend to think I scored over and above par with my gifts. I’m not sure what I expected but the quilt-work exceeded my expectations. I had the commanding officer of another flying squadron take my quilt to show his troops as an example of how awesome they are. Tell your son I used to draw (and paint) hundreds of castles when I was a boy so if they were his efforts I am impressed. Additionally the Vo Vo’s from Chris’ package were a hit amongst the detachment and the coffee satchels are a welcome relief from NESCAFE gold.

Finally, as feedback to the Aussie Hero quilts initiative I hope it will continue through into the future as all of these quilts are greatly appreciated by the deployed troops. The members of our entire ADF do a wonderful job both at home and abroad and to know that we have the support of our community back in Australia is a critical enabler to that success.

Finally, I have a number of photos that I will send to you but I haven’t finished compiling them yet. Please anticipate future correspondence with some sweet happy snaps.

Thanks again.  Not only will this be a keepsake from my time deployed on ADF Operations but no doubt will one day become an heirloom in an of itself.


The following quilt is one that was sent specifically to hang in a communal welfare area in Iraq which will be shared by Aussies and Kiwis. This is the first to arrive. An Aussie themed quilt is also on its way.  We don’t usually do these quilts as wall-hangings but the deployment in Iraq is just being established and conditions are not all that comfortable so a bit of colour and support goes a long way.

Dear Pennie,

I received the quilt that you and Alicia made.  I showed all the Kiwis and they are all so impressed with the detail in it. I can’t believe your amazing skills. I’m looking forward to when my furniture I ordered comes through for the welfare area and I get the Engineers to build a wall especially to hang this quilt on.  It will look amazing when the area is completed.  I will make sure I send photos to you and Jan-Maree.  Please pass on my thanks to Alicia as well on behalf of all of us that are deployed here. It is getting hotter day by day and today at 46 degrees with a dust storm coming through it just makes the place extra charming…

Thank you once again, we appreciate the support and everyone remains in awe of the work done to support us.

Kind regards

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree  xx

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