Today was the sewing day in Penrith!  There were going to be three of us but Judith couldn’t come at the last minute because of family commitments. 

Never mind, Pam and I sewed on.  We managed to get 8 laundry bags made.  Some of these are spares (sorry for the bad photo)……………
 but three of these are for specific people and the fabrics are very appropriate – 
light house for a chaplain – wheels for someone who works on the trucks and fire trucks for……………..a fireman!

I have a lot of fun, where possible, picking out themed fabric for laundry bags.   I was so delighted to find that one of the guys was a fireman!  I have been waiting for that to come up!  Lots of this fabric is leftover from the embarrassingly big stash I have collected over the years to sew for my boys and now they are tooooo coooool at the ripe old age of 16.  Thank goodness these BIG GUYS aren’t! 

Last time we met at Penrith, Pam and I layered this quilt and she quilted it and took it home to bind it.  This is going to be a WWQ.  Pam has a much loved son in the RAAF and she found this one very hard to sew.
We may have only had the two of us there but we also had a photographer from the Penrith Press come to take pictures and I understand that a journalist will be calling me this week to talk about it.  Here is hoping that they print an article because that will really help us to get the word out there and hopefully we will get more people at the next Penrith Sewing Day on the 12th of August.  

We did manage to catch one unsuspecting sewer who wandered into our classroom.  We met a lovely lady and her daughter and started telling them about Aussie Heroes.  Eyes got a little glassy when we explained about the WWQs and the label.  
Honestly, I still can’t read that label out loud without getting emotional and I wrote it!
I guess that is coz it comes from my heart.  
Hopefully the mum will join us next month.  Here’s hoping!

Now I better go unpack my machine from today – lots more sewing to do and I am impatient to get on with it.

Till next time …………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!