October 2013 Block of the Month

Written by AHQ

1 October 2013

G’day all.
I have been thinking for a while that we should do something in honour of the two football Grand Finals and a BOM seemed appropriate as we always have requests for the various football teams. Next year I might keep stats to see which teams are the most popular but I reckon I can guess most of them.   

So what sort of block would be a good one for the footy teams.  I have flopped back and forth over a few options but in the end I decided an applique block would be the most versatile and can easily be added to a simple strippy quilt if need be.

There are already a couple tutorials on the blog for this.  The first is our basic applique tutorial which is found here .  If you have never done applique before this is a good place to start.  The other place to look is at the BOM post for March this year when we made the strips with Aussie words on them – you will find it here.  It has some really useful tips for appliqueing letters and words.

So, what are we going to applique?  The teams’ names.   Now I have stared with the North Melbourne Kangaroos as I have a request for a North Melbourne quilt.

Other examples include Geelong (this quilt made for a girl) 

Then there are the Maroons and the Broncos – probably our two most requested.

Another very popular team is the West Coast Eagles

Other really popular teams are the 

AFL Tigers black and yellow
NRL Team Nth Qld Cowboys – blue
AFL Club  Hawthorn – gold and brown
AFL Canterbury Bulldogs – Blue. black and White
AFL Club Collingwood– black and white
AFL Team St Kilda  – red, black and white
NRL Team St George red and white
AFL Sydney Swans

There are plenty of other teams of course but these are the ones are on our request list at the moment so we might as well start with those.

You can make one or more.   You can make different teams or more than one of the same team.  Whatever takes your fancy.  When completed you can send them to 

Aussie Heroes
PO BOX 248, 
Cherrybrook,  NSW,  2126.

Don’t be surprised if the block for the next month somehow ties in with this one. That is the plan at the moment, though or course that could change.

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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