Whenever I think of it I try and find out if there is a mascot or an emblem or something that means something to the fellows who have been deployed.   

When the wife of a 7RAR fellow contacted me, I asked her if the unit had a mascot.  

This is what she said “7RAR’s mascot is a pig, in any form apparently, even in a top hat. Just think of Porky the Pig and you’re on the right track.”

Now how on earth does a proud Army Unit come about to adopt a PIG as a mascot.  Seriously, a pig of all things.

So, I clicked on the link that was suggested and it took me to 
The 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Association Website.
and then it said

Welcome to the Porky Seven

I searched around the site and found a link to take me to an explanation.  I have copied it down here for you.  I hope they don’t mind but I think it is a classic Aussie Story and needs to be shared.

Why are we called the Pigs?

One of the most unifying aspects of 7 RAR is its nickname. To some the nickname was a triviality and an annoyance. Corporal Roy ‘Doc’ Savage gave this explanation of its origin:
The single men of 3 RAR were sent to Puckapunyal to form a new battalion, 7 RAR. I arrived there on 11th November 1965. At first there were only regular soldiers. We used to keep the boozer open all weekend having the cooks bring our meals there. Anyway, on my second week there the new CO (Colonel Eric Smith) decided to inspect his new battalion area on a Sunday. He immediately closed the boozer. The next day he called a muster parade of the whole battalion and commenced to tell us what he thought of us. Half way through his speech he said and I quote, ‘You are nothing but a mob of pigs’. Then from the back rank someone called out ‘oink oink’. From that time on we became the Pig Battalion.
From ‘Conscripts and Regulars’ by Michael O’Brien

Don’t you think it is a great Aussie story too? 

The following pics were published on the Australian Defence Image Library see the source below.

They are featuring one of Michelle’s gorgeous quilts.

One more happy customer! This one for Stephanie’s quilt.  This email came to me from his wife but Stephanie will be hearing from him separately.

XXXXX got his quilt and laundry bag today and he called me especially to tell me. I’ve been so excited waiting for him to get it and I was so tempted to tell him about but I’m glad I didn’t because it was such a great surprise for him. Now I’m just waiting on a photo from him.
He said it’s getting cold now and the quilt is so awesome. He asked me if I could request quilts and laundry bags for the other guys in his section so I’ve got him getting me names etc so I can send them through to you.
I can’t thank-you and your lovely ladies enough. It means so much to know he has a little bit of homemade comfort over there to keep him warm. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!


Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!