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Written by AHQ

27 October 2013

Hi all,
I hope you have all had a good weekend whatever you have been up to.

Ooo Ahh – my first real radio interview.

For anyone who might be interested, tomorrow morning Ray Garreffa from Adelaide’s best variety station, Coast FM Coast FM 88.7FM, will be interviewing me at 1115am Adelaide time.  Ray told me that Coast FM is able to be picked on the net via Streaming and I managed to listen in to the station myself so if I can work it out, I am sure you can.  You just need to go here and click on the box in the bottom right hand corner and select Live Streaming (Low Band) or (High Band). 
Wish me luck and I would love to know how you think it went if you hear it. Be kind!

Sewing Days

The next Penrith Sewing Day is in a week’s time 
Sunday 3 November 
Penrith Patchwork 
97B Henry Street
Parking out the back

and the next sewing day at my home is 
Wednesday 6th November.

For both dates – BYO sewing machine and lunch 
and I will provide morning tea and materials.
Mystery Quilts!

I have received a bunch of envelopes for the next Mystery Quilt.  I have few more to come but these are the envelopes I have received so far just so you know I have them.  

Christine C 😉
Jenny and Gale
Lisa L
Judith R
Kim M

I already have a great candidate for the next Mystery Quilt so if anyone missed out on being part of this one and wants to have a go at a girly one, or just enjoys them enough to want to be in the next one as well as this, just send a pre-paid envelope 
Marked Mystery Quilt Pink Army
to the following address

PO Box 248
Cherrybrook  NSW  2126

The name of the Mystery Quilt is important so that I can make sure you get the right information.  

Remember those little girly pink and pink and purple blocks you sent in?  Well I am almost ready to reveal the results and they are pretty cute.  Just another week or so till we know they have been received.

Time for another update on the H blocks.  I think there are maybe a few more to come in but so far these are looking awesome.









And to end tonight

I shared this on Facebook but I wanted my Non-Facebook reading ladies and gents to enjoy this too so I am sharing it again.

Sometimes even I need a bit of encouragement, and when I do it is often something like this that comes along and lifts me up again.  This is part of a request email and I had to share it with all the wonderful people who sew for us.
“It was so exciting and touching to arrive in Afghanistan and hear about the amazing Aussie Hero Quilts.  It’s wonderful to have such a linkage with Australians when you are over here……….
…….Finally, while I’m sure you and the organisation are aware, everyone here talks very warmly about the hero quilts, with everyone pulling out a photo to show off their quilt when you mention the program. Congratulations and thanks for such a wonderful idea and all the efforts”

Remember, I  and my Aussie Hero Friends never get to see the reaction to an AHQ box arriving, nor the unguarded response of a recipient seeing their quilt, which they may, or may not have been expecting, as they open it up!   That is okay, it is par for the course, but  reading about people carrying a photo of their quilt for show and tell when the subject comes up…….well let’s just say, it is sandy here where I am today! 


Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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