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24 July 2012

Well, word is definitely spreading which is great.  

On the 20th of July we had 309 Facebook followers, as of last night we are up to 336!

Requests have started to come in again so I hope you ladies out there are stitching or ready to stitch.  I have had requests from spouses and fiances, a request from a lovely fellow who saw a quilt on a friend’s bed in Afghanistan and loved it and a request from a female serving member who found us via Facebook.

The latest requests have all been snapped up by quilts that I knew were in waiting so please let me know if you have a completed quilt ready to go.  

Also, I need some more masculine quilts please.  I seem to have more feminine quilts on offer at the moment so we need to balance that up a bit if we can please.

And please don’t forget to send me photos, particularly of the laundry bags as well.

I would really appreciate it if you could email the photos to me rather than just post them on your blog or Facebook as it is so much easier for me to keep track of – with an email I can print it out and tick off the various things I have to do and the various places I have to copy the photo to.
Every little bit helps to keep me organised and keep the stats accurate.
Please send in your details for the Register
Also, if you are sewing for Aussie Heroes and haven’t sent me some contact details for the Aussie Heroes Register please consider doing so.  All I need is name, email if possible, facebook contact, address or locality (whatever you are comfortable with).  It makes it so much easier for me to find you.  And if you have sent me your details in the past, BEFORE the register was set up please don’t assume I have them – I may not have recorded them separately at the time and now it is too hard to trawl back in email history to find them.

A case in point is Liz who made this gorgeous quilt.  I can’t find your contact details!  
Please can you email me again so I can reach you when needed?

New Email Address
We have a new email address for Aussie Heroes now.  Instead of using my personal email address the “official email address” is 


Thanks to the wonderful Naomi we have a button for it on the blog now so that will make it easier for you to find it if you are new.  Those in the “know” (which is so NOT me) tell me this is better as if my laptop dies (gasp – don’t even think it!) all the AHQ emails will not be lost.  Also this means that if I ever get to go on a holiday again (that is if our 16 year olds ever consent to travel with their boring parents or even better, leave home!) then someone else will be able to take over briefly.  I may love Aussie Heroes but I am not taking you away with me!

And now for my favourite part – 
 couple of thank you messages.

This first one came from a lady who mentions receiving her quilt in a care package.  
No idea whose quilt so you can all pat yourselves on the back!

I would like to say thank you to the ladies and yourself, from Aussie Hero Quilts, for the beautiful quilt that I have just received in a care package.

My mum does quilting and I realise how much time and love goes into making each quilt. I look forward to getting it home so that I can hang it on a wall in my house.

All over us that are deployed appreciate the work and effort that you put into what you make for us and we thank you very much for thinking of us.

So again thank you so much it is a beautiful quilt.

Now you might remember a few weeks back that Liz sent off this gorgeous quilt.  We call this quilt Granddad’s quilt.  His boss requested we make it for him to give to his cherished little one and we have been waiting none too patiently to hear that it arrived.

From Grandpa
Please let me first say thank you so much for what you do. Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of a hero quilt that was made for my granddaughter. 

It was totally unexpected and it means so much to me, I know that she will absolutely love it. 

She is 18 months and she is our first and hopefully the first of many. 

My wife was extremely touched as well. The lady that made it comes from WA and I will be hopefully contacting her as well to let her know that it has arrived safe and well and is appreciated. 

I have one question though, I would like to know who nominated me for one of these quilts. If it is possible for you to let me know that would be greatly appreciated. I would love to be able to thank them as well for their kindness and caring thoughts.
I have attached a picture of XXXX so that you know who will be sleeping safe under the quilt.

Just tooo Cute!!!

Well I emailed the boss and she confessed her part in it and tells me she received a  HUG.  Don’t we all love a hug!
Wendy and her mother, the same Wendy I met for coffee in Melbourne a few weeks ago, received a thank you overnight as well.

Good afternoon Aunty Wendy and Nan,
I write as an Air Force Officer deployed to Afghanistan. Today I received from you a wonderful hand-made laundry bag. This has made my day. I do not currently have a laundry bag, so I can assure you that this will be put to great use.
Thank you.
I am deployed as an Duty Air Movements Officer (DAMO), working with a small team to provide air terminal support for Australian cargo aircraft. It is a rewarding job, and I am grateful to have a wonderful team working alongside me. I am due to return to Australia in October, and am most excited about driving my car, visiting my mum and dad and seeing my friends.
I am also looking forward to seeing green grass.
Thank you for you parcel, they are always well received.
Kind regards,

How gorgeous!

Chris was also on the receiving end of a lovely thank you for this great quilt

I today recieved the quilt you created, and I LOVE it. Thank you so much for your support to the troops and thank you for taking the time and thought to make this quilt (and linen bag) for me, it is fantastic and will add colour to my room and will be something I treasure both whilst here and upon my return home. It is wonderful to know that there are people out there such as you in support of us Defence personnel over here.
words are not enough to express how much I appreciate this. Thank you
Kind regards 

You will be pleased to know that Matilda and Ruby’s quilts from last night’s post are all spoken for now!  Great work girls!

Don’t forget our sewing/working days coming up.

Sydney this Friday 27 July
Canberra Saturday 4th August
Penrith Sunday 12th August

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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