Tonight’s post is only going to be a short one because I am just going to focus on two very special quilters and their assistant!

Their names are Ruby, Matilda and Lola.  
These three sisters are granddaughters of Chris who is one of our generous longarm quilters in SA.   You might remember that she ran a sewing day back in July.  You can read about it here and here.  At the time Chris sent me pictures of the girls working on their quilts on and around that day.  What a fabulous school holiday activity for them, and getting to spend time with their grandmother as well.  
All I can say is lucky grandma!

Both Ruby and Matilda have been sewing for about 12 months.  They have made some small things before including stuffed babooshka dolls and cushions with applique, blanket stitch, back stitch etc. They sew with Chris occasionally & are both quite competent on the machines. 

This is the first “real” quilt for both of them.

This is Miss Ruby, aged 9. 

 She has almost finished the middle panel.

 And here she is with her finished quilt! 
 Way to go Ruby! 
Of course, being such an experienced quilter, Ruby needed another project for the sewing day so this is the second quilt top she worked on and completed.  This one is yet to be quilted but with those colours you just know it is going to cheer the room of a soldier somewhere.

Now we have Miss Matilda!  
She has reached the ripe old age of 7!  

And here is her finished work of heart.  If I was there Mum or Grandma I would just about be bursting with pride.  Not only are they learning new skills but they are sewing for others.

Now, I mentioned two quilters and their assistant!  I have already shown you this photo but I think she deserves a repeat performance.  
Please allow me to re-introduce you to Miss Lola!  
All of 5 years old!   
Lola is campaigning to use the machine now &  Chris will start with her when she is 6 – a couple of months away. 

Haven’t they just done a wonderful job.  Now all you “grown ups” who tell me you can’t quilt or sew………what do you say now?  Are you really going to allow yourself to be shown up by two (albeit very smart) little girls?

I am on a mission.  
Ruby wants her completed flag quilt to go to a male.  The one with the Aussie Map on it can go to either male or female. 

Matilda thinks hers is most suited to a female.

I want to find three recipients for these quilts but they have to be special people. 
I think effort like this really needs recognition and I really want the girls to receive a thank you, an email, a letter, something.

So, do any of you out there know someone worthy of such special quilts?
Email me (dj******@bi*****.au), leave a comment or leave me a message on Facebook.

Let’s find appreciative homes for these quilts!
Stop Press – 3 worthy recipients found!
Till next time …….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!