Hi all.  I only have time for a quick post tonight so I thought I would share a bunch of quilts and laundry bags that are on their way to either Afghanistan or Egypt.  Some are for special requests as well.  I can’t say more than that as I don’t want to make it too easy for any of the recipients to guess which is theirs if they check the blog.  
But just before I do – we now have 99 followers on Facebook!  Thanks for spreading the word everyone!
And now on to the quilts and laundry bags.
Sue P made this lovely blue one.
 I couldn’t resist including this pic with the cool farmyard critters in it
A laundry bag by Marilyn and…
Marilyn also made this lovely quilt which reminds me of a stained glass window.
This quilt is from Christine – she chose the colours of Australia – Love them.
  Liz called this her scrap buster – she hasn’t seen my scraps – this would hardly make a dent!
You have to PAWS to appreciate this laundry bag by Liz – LOL
A few good reminders of home in this laundry bag by Pat.
Another of Liz’s laundry bags with her trade mark screen printed kangaroos!
A quilt by “guess who”  – Liz of course!
These next three quilts have been received.  These are a special group by Erika of Shannon’s Army.  A lovely devoted single Mum asked for a quilt for her kids instead of one for her so that her kids would know that she was always thinking of them.  This was right up Erika’s alley.
Erika received a lovely thankyou.
Thank you so much your quilts arrived and were loved by my children, They were so excited, they showed them to me on Facetime on my IPOD so it was wonderful.
Thank you again it means so much to me and people like me. 
But of course Erika (and I agreed with her) felt that Mum deserved her own quilt too.
Ericka received another lovely thankyou.

Good Afternoon Erika,
I just received the most wonderful parcel. Thank you so much for your beautiful quilt and the other little gifts in the parcel. I really do appreciate it, more then words can every explain. 

This quilt and laundry bag set were especially made by Marg for a fellow who would find them particularly meaningful and I heard back from the Chaplain that 
“he is absolutely stoked with his quilt. Thank you for making his day.”
That’s is it for tonight except 
I have gone back and forth a little with emails to one of the Chaplains today and here is an update on the request for clothes – new or second hand – sizes 5-12.  Both summer and winter clothes are needed.  I have had a couple of offers.  If anyone else is able to contribute please let me know.
Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!