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10 July 2014

Another great collection of photos has been sent to us by the Ship’s photographer on HMAS Darwin, but before we take a look at them I want to take a moment to to give credit where credit is due.  No other crew has responded to Aussie Heroes as much as the crew, family and friends of HMAS Darwin: from the top, the Captain who I met briefly before they sailed, and right down the ranks.  

Of course the daughter of one of our own long time Aussie Hero Quilters, Jenny, is on board, crash posted with only a few days’ notice believe it or not.  The fact that Jenny and her partner in crime, Gale, have been sewing for other Darwin crew members is not surprising but we have had other crew members’ mothers make quilts and laundry bags for the crew as well.  I have just started giving sewing lessons to one wife who has never sewn before but wants to be able to contribute to Aussie Heroes.  Even the captain’s wife has got in on the action, making two quilts to send to the ship, (and let me tell you, with her husband away and three children at home plus a job and a heavy involvement in the children’s activities, that lady is busy!)  

I also have the wife of one of the crew coming on a regular basis to give me help of the non-sewing kind, especially the geeky technology sort that I so desperately need.  

The other night I put out a call for some assistance with writing some special posts for the blog and have had a wonderful response to that, including wonderful offers from two of the wives of the crew.

Then there is the Facebook Page with its Aussie Hero Photo Album and last, but not least, the enthusiasm of the ship’s photographer (one of our recipients) who has sent in this photos.  Don’t forget that fabulous photo, taken on the Flight Deck whilst the ship was in Muscat, Oman.
I have tried counting the number of reipients in this picture and I have come up with about 65.  If anyone reckons they get a different number please let me know.  🙂

Thanks Darwin. You have been great to work with and I am very much looking forward to welcoming you home in person very soon.

Enjoy the photos folks!
01 – Members of the Boatswains Mate department conduct live firing drills on the 12.7mm gun.

02 – Bridge team observe the approach of German ship, Rhon, as she prepares to make her approach to conduct a transfer of fuel to HMAS Darwin.

03 – Boarding Party members conduct fast rope training from ‘Blackout’, Darwin‘s embarked helicopter, onto the flight deck.

04 – Swimmer of the watch, is on standby during a man overboard exercise. If recovery is by swimmer, he will jump from the ship into the water to recover Oscar, the man overboard dummy.

05 – Bowman of one of Darwin‘s ridged hull inflatable boats, gives the thumbs up to hoist cargo onto the ship.

06 – United States Naval Ship Richard E Byrd (L) conducts a vertical replenishment with USS George H.W Bush.

07 – During a damage control exercise, members of the fire party use a Thermal Indicator Camera to ascertain where the fire is in a smoke filled compartment.

08 – USS George W Bush launches and recovers her aircraft during Exercise Spartan Kopis.

09 – All hands on deck, as members of HMAS Darwin heave in on the hose line, during a replenishment at sea with United States Navy Ship Tippecanoe.

10 – HMAS Darwin receives fuel from United States Navy Ship Tippecanoe, during a replenishment at sea.

11 – One of HMAS Darwin’s, flight deck marshallers’ signals a United States Air Force Pave Hawk onto the flight deck.

13 – Royal Navy Ship Northumberland and her boat transfer personnel to Royal Australian Navy Ship, HMAS Darwin.

14 – HMAS Darwin makes her approach on United States Navy Ship Tippecanoe to conduct a transfer of fuel during a replenishment at sea

15 – One of HMAS Darwin’s Boatswain Mates, uses the signalling paddles (the green paddle bottom right of the picture) to communicate with United States Navy Ship Tippecanoe, during a replenishment at sea for fuel.

16 – Boarding Party members conduct some continuation training by fast roping from HMAS Darwin’s embarked S70-B Seahawk, ‘Blackout’, onto the flight deck.

17 – HMAS Darwin’s forecastle party line the forecastle during HMAS Darwin’s entry into MuscatOman.

18 and 19 – HMAS Darwin’s Marine Technician’s prove The Team does work, using their ingenuity to repair one of the ships rigged hull inflatable boats.

Again, thanks for the pics Darwin and thanks for being so great to work with!!

And for those of you who are wondering if your quilt has made it on board yet, I will soon start firing off a heap of emails to the individuals we have not yet heard back from.  I have confirmed that all of those who have been selected to come home early have received their quilts and will chase the others shortly. Rest assured we should be able to track them all down before they return home.  

Finally for tonight, the following people have sent off quilts and laundry bags this week.  If you are not on this list and have sent something off please let me know.  Bear in mind that I am writing this at 9am so if you email me later in the day I may not have had time to add your name to this post.

Julie Ann
Lynn and Debbie
Michelle W
Rita M
Robyn B 
Sue N 

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching.  JMxx

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