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Written by AHQ

21 December 2015

G’day all.  Hope your preparations for Christmas are going smoothly. Spare a thought for all those service personnel who are in the midst of relocating ready for new postings in the New Year.  Pre-pack, uplift, delivery and all the joys of removals and starting afresh in a new location.  I know of several Aussie Hero recipient families who are in the midst of road trips to new homes.   There are lots that are also road-tripping to get to join family and friends for Christmas.  

Safe travels everyone. 

And now for some lovely messages…

Afternoon Diann 

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for my lovely laundry bag. Your parcel and note bought a tear to my eye. It is lovely and much appreciated – the time and effort making the laundry bag is remarkable, I take my hat off to you.

Thank you for your lovely letter. 

I joined the Army when I was 18, I have now served 28 years for my country, I am very proud and to receive your laundry bag makes me feel even more proud and thankful that you take the time out of your life for us – voluntarily. 

I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a safe New Year. 

Thank you again so much for my laundry bag, I will use it with pride. 

Kind regards,


Hi Linda,

Thanks very much for a new laundry bag.  I’ve had my old trusty bag since I joined the Army back in 2002.  

The support from people like yourself and others is very much appreciated by all the Australian troops deployed around the world. The small gifts are cheeriest and always a good speaking point in conversation among work mates and families.

With being away from my young family for a long time, the generosity and well wishes of the Australian public has been amazing.  To be part of the Australian Defence Force is a proud achievement but know that we are keeping our country safe with our task.  The partners and families that we leave behind all play a major role in the war we fight.  

So again, thank you very much for the time you spent making the laundry bag and the letter. It has brightened up my day and I hope this thank you letter will ensure you keep making many more warm and wonderful gifts for the troops.


Hello Su  🙂   

Yesterday I received a box that contained my quilt here in Juba, South Sudan. You have made a fantastic masterpiece – something better than I could have imagined and asked to be made, it is just perfect and I will be sure to keep it for many, many years to not only remember your support to the Australians deployed, especially over Xmas, but also as a perfect keep sake for my time here. You have certainly done an fantastic  job at sewing the United Nations design onto the quilt, and added some great smaller designs around the sides – I especially love the South Sudanese map, Australian map and the printed words ‘UNMISS South Sudan 2015’. I’m actually thinking I’ll have this as a wall hanging when I get home in the ‘pool room’. It is simply perfect and I could not have asked for anything more – I thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart Su – and for you to be my friend’s mum it makes it even more special for me – I am very lucky indeed! 🙂 

Jan-Maree and Su, I simply can not thank you both enough, you have made me feel very special and supported with the efforts of this quilt.

Thank you 🙂
I hope you both have a great Xmas and all the best for the new Year.

Hi Pam, 

I would like to thank you so much for my Aussie Hero Quilt, i loved it so much, the colours were beautiful, and the dragonflies were amazing, Wow, I can’t believe this is your first quilt, its amazing and anyone would be so lucky to have you make them a quilt. I sent the same photo attached here, to my husband and he loved it too, he said you are so kind to do this for me, and also him, who misses me, and loved that someone who doesn’t know me is also looking out for me to keep my spirits up while I’m away. 

I have been in the Navy for 10 years, and got married only a couple of months before I deployment, so I have now been away from my husband longer then I have been married to him, and as soon as i get back we are going to have a honeymoon, and I cant wait to one day show my kids the quilt you made for me while I was away on operation. 

Bitch and stitch, had a good laugh about this. Sounds like a good club, and I don’t blame the RSL wanting to see your quilt, its amazing. 

Thank-you again, this really made my Christmas and day so much better being away. 


Hi Jan-Maree,

Well you will never guess, this afternoon I received my Aussie Quilt.  It is truly superb and quite simply a beautiful piece of art.  I also received a letter from Sharon C, my quilt maker, enclosed in my quilt so I shall write to her personally to thank her for her kind words and my special quilt.

Yesterday as I was reviewing the many quilts and laundry bags on your blog & face book I saw this same quilt and thought how lovely it looked. What an absolute surprise to find that I was admiring the quilt that was on its way to me and not even realising it.  I was really excited to receive such a beautiful gift.

Thanks once again to yourself, Sharon and all the gang associated with Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags).


Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Marilyn S for my quilt I love it.

I was deployed as part of OP OKRA in support of 75 SQN from RAAF Base Tindal in the NT.  We operate F/A-18 Classic Hornets. Its about 300km south of Darwin, fairly remote. I love it up there, being so close to Kakadu and the Kimberley there was always something to do on the weekends.

I returned home from OP OKRA in mid October just in time for my daughters 1st birthday, it was pretty tough being away for almost half of her life.

I chose trains and fire trucks for my quilt as my is absolutely mad on them and while deployed they reminded me of home and I knew he would love it once I was home ( He uses it every day for his nap at day care for his nap, he wont take any other blanket and if we forget it, look out there’s trouble) . 

I just wanted to let you know how much I and all the other deployed members who recieved a quilt appreciate the gift.



Hi Carol,
I’m just writing back to you to let you know I’ve received your gift with your blue laundry bag with boats and snakes.

Thank you for your gift. From my company and I, we appreciate your support back home in Australia. It puts a smile on our faces 🙂

Carol L

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude at the lovely laundry bag that I received this morning. I am the Officer Commanding this Company on deployment to Malaysia and it was nice to think that people had taken time out of their lives to think about my soldiers and I on deployment. I think all of my soldiers have now received one and it is invaluable for lifting their morale. I have many junior soldiers who’ve never been overseas before and I also have many soldiers who have left behind their young families. It is particularly tough for those soldiers who are missing their wives/husbands and young children. Knowing that we have the support of ordinary Australians is important.

Once again thank you so much for your time and effort in making the laundry bag, it will certainly be well used.


Hi Lyn,

I’m just writing to thank you for the awesome quilt you have made me.  I absolutely love the West Coast Eagles and beach theme.  You have definitely combined two of my biggest passions.

I’m currently halfway through my deployment and the beach is one of the things I miss the most. 
Whenever I’m not away on exercise or deployed with the Army, I spend most weekends down at the beach as a volunteer surf lifesaver.   It’s a great way to escape Military lifestyle, ha ha.

Once I return to Australia, I’ll be taking some time off to visit family and friends back home in Western Australia.  Depending on how much time I take, I would like to take a road trip up north or down south, both are amazing.

I would just like to say how proud and privileged I feel to receive an Aussie Hero Quilt.
Everyone over here loves the work you do, and you would not believe the morale it brings to the group. So keep up the amazing work, and thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Hi Sue.  I hope this email finds you well.

I’m currently deployed overseas to Malaysia working on a Malaysian Air Base as a part of an Australian Army contingent known as Rifle Company Butterworth.  We do all sorts of interesting activities over here. You can see this link for a short explanation, or find a lot more on Google.

I am writing to thank you for your laundry bag and letter that I received.  Your gracious time, effort and skills have certainly brightened my day.  The plain calico bags that we get issued are pretty boring, so I am thankful for your kindness in providing me one that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also reminds me that there are people back home thinking of us while we’re over here.

I wish you and your family the very best over the Christmas and New Year period.

Thank you also to Caroline and AHQ.  Your generosity has certainly made a difference to the group of men and women that are deployed here with me.

Thanks again.

Hi Jan-Maree and all of your volunteers,

Thank you for the great work preparing the laundry bags for the overseas forces.  I am the platoon sergeant for a rifle platoon in Malaysia. You gift came as a welcome surprise and were enthusiastically received by the men with about 90% of them taking the opportunity to grab one.  It is nice to be appreciated especially at this time of year when we are separated from friends and family.  It is nice to have something so useful and individual.  It is so easy to identify your stuff, especially when we have to do bulk loads of washing. Thanks again and I wish you all the best for you and your loved ones during this festive season.


Dear Pennie

 Thank you for the laundry bag.  It is greatly appreciated. It has come in handy many times.  In Malaysia, it is hot, humid and rains most days. Training here means that we are often wet and muddy, especially during the jungle phase. On base, our laundry room is located about 300m from our room and the bags make it easier to carry our washing, rather than using a basket. I especially like the horse design on the fabric. I will be able to give it to my 4 year old daughter. That way, when I use it again in future, it will remind me of home. 

Thanks for all you do as an ED nurse. It’s people like yourself that make a real difference in the times of greatest need. The amount of dedication to achieve your profession, shows great determination and heart. It is an to receive such a gift from you.

I know many of the men who have received the bags are equally appreciative and have written to the bag makers in gratitude. Thanks again from all of us in Malaysia.



I am currently serving on RCB112 and have just received my laundry bag and wanted to say thank you very much for the gift. I really appreciate the time and effort that went into it and for thinking of us. It’s something that I will use for a very long time so thanks again and may you have a very happy, merry and blessed Christmas!


G’day, just got the lovely laundry bag you made me , thank you very much , it will come in very handy indeed .

It’s bloody hot over here and they’re working us pretty hard. Anyways I hope you and your family have a very happy and safe Christmas, and most of all, hope Santa comes to Ya .  PS , Thanks Again.  Kind Regards 


Hi Lisa,

Just wanted to thank you again for your amazing Dragon Ball Z quilt and laundry bag.  It was lovely to speak to you on the phone.  XXXXX was definitely excited to make us here give you a call to really thank you for your wonderful work with Aussie quilts 

Its almost Christmas and we are starting to slow down here, looking forward to the day off on Christmas. Skyping the family and resting up.

I see the weather is starting to get warm in NSW. Its quite the opposite here , the weather is cooling down now. Despite the fact being in a hot desert it gets quite warm in the day but at night and in the mornings it has become quite fresh!

Please have a safe Christmas

Thanks again


Robyn,Thank you so much for the package you sent to me. I was overwhelmed to open the box and see all the lovely items inside. That wonderful laundry bag is an item I will treasure (which I love by the way and think it is too good to put my dirty laundry in). 

I was touched by your card and the connection between both your father’s service in the RAAF and our first names. Here is another coincidence, when I am at home I only drink 2 types of tea, English Breakfast and Australian Afternoon. 

We all appreciate everything you do back home in support of what we are doing over here. I can assure you that every package received from Aussie Hero Quilts puts a smile on someone’s face.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a lovely New Year.



Good Morning Robyn,

I just received the quilt you sent me. I just want you to know, it exceeded what I expected! This is my first deployment however I have decided that I will bring this quilt with me on every deployment I go on in the future. I know you probably don’t get to hear back from many people you send quilts and laundry bags to however I can assure you everyone I have spoken to really likes their quilts and everything you guys do. It is something that many hold onto for many many years as a symbol of the time they have spent on operations. I can tell you that one day I will hand mine down to my kids and tell them the story about how I got it and the times when I was deployed. 

Thanks again for the hard work you and so many other quilters put in that gives so many of us who are deployed a gift that will stay with us forever.

Yours truly, 


Hi Debbie

I’m an Infantry soldier from 25/49 Royal Queensland Regiment.  I am currently in Malaysia on a training exercise until February. Previous to this I was attached to the Navy for 9 months doing border security. 
I would like to thank you for the work you have done on the laundry bags. I made sure that I took the brightest coloured bag, just so it stands out from everyone else’s.
I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have a Happy New Year.

Thank you 

Dear Debbie,
I am the recipient of your beautiful laundry bag. A little bit about me, I am 24 years old from Perth. I joined the Army when I was 18 and I was in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. I have deployed to Malaya, which is where I am now for a second time, and Afghanistan.
 I am now also a full time student at university – I study economics. I am at present, however, deployed to Malaya (again). As you might be able to imagine being a soldier and a student leaves little time for anything else; let alone a personal life. But that’s okay, I have always believed young men need to be ambitious to make the most of one’s youth.
Life in the Army, when I am not home which is a lot of the time, goes by quite fast for me given how busy I am, however, I know time goes a little bit slower for Mum. There are many times I wonder if what I do is actually worth it even as a single man. But, receiving your gift really does go a long way to justifying in my own mind that the many small sacrifices made by myself and my family over the years have been worth it.
I cringed slightly when you referred your family as being ‘ordinary’. There is nothing ‘ordinary’ about yourself or your family.  I know of no one who takes the time to produce items of appreciation for service personnel. Please note how much we all appreciate your time and efforts and how special people like yourself are to people like me.   

Dear Irene,
Although it is now some months since we returned from the Middle East region and since I took delivery of your quilt, I wanted to take the time to thank you for the extraordinary effort that you went to in order to produce my quilt.
I knew at the time that mine was a potentially tall order, having served at sea in so many ships.  The end product is stupendous and takes pride of place on the sofa in my study at home.
Aussie Hero Quilts is doing a fine job of supporting ADF people serving on deployment.  We were very privileged to be deployed during the Centenary of ANZAC period, and to have ‘hosted’ the Centenary of ANZAC quilt in the Middle East.
For me personally, however, that pales in comparison to the most remarkable quilt that you have made for me.

Once again thank you for the quilt and for your ongoing support.  I hope that you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016.

Good Afternoon Jan-Maree, Norma, Nancy and quilters 🙂 

I have just received my beautiful quilt in time for Christmas. It is wonderful exactly what I had hoped for. The colours are perfect pastel pink and floral patterns. Not only will it be my quilt on my bed, it will make a great throw on my lounge, a feature of my home.The other three girls who I share a room with on deployment also have quilts. We are very grateful for the hard work and great generosity from you and your team.
Thank you very much. 🙂

Till next time… good luck with the moves and please stay safe on the roads.

Jan-Maree xx

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