Merry Christmas one and all….

Written by AHQ

24 December 2023

I wrote the following poem in 2014 and nine years later it is still very appropriate. So many of our serving men and women are on duty away from home at the moment. Perhaps they are overseas on deployment, or they might be helping in flooded areas or storm damaged towns and perhaps they are on duty elsewhere keeping watch to ensure that our deployed folk are kept safe and all of our members on operation, wherever they be, are getting everything that they need. 

Here is a huge Merry Christmas to all of our serving personnel, from the most junior to the most senior. This comes with a very big and sincere thank you for your service. 

 I wish you a Merry Christmas, wherever you are…


How will you celebrate Christmas this year?

Will you be in the midst of those you hold dear?

Will you listen to carols, will you set your table

With the prettiest plates, just as nice as you are able?

Will you travel to Grandma’s, or visit a friend

Will you accept the invite someone else did send?

Have you bought all the presents, are they wrapped ‘neath the tree

In bright paper and ribbons so pretty to see?

Is your big meal of the day dinner or lunch

Do you do both, and all day you will munch?

Do you have roast turkey, or chicken, or maybe some prawns

Does the amount to be done see you up with the dawn?


Well can you please do me a favour wherever you are

And remember our troops serving both near and far.

Those in the Army, the Navy and the Air Force

Must not forget Defence civilians, of course.

Though all of them are where they need to be

To serve our great country, that means you and me,

They can’t be at home with the ones they hold dear

But are serving Australia both far and near.

They might have a Barbie, seafood or roast on a spit

And if they are lucky the ration of beer will be quite a hit.

They might have presents sent by family and friends

And probably care packages the Aussie public sends

But it won’t be the same as they would like it to be;

At home with their loved ones and family.


So please when you sit at your table this year

With those that you love and hold most dear

Spare a thought, raise your glass, remember some way

Our great Aussie Heroes who we should thank every day

For doing their duty and serving us all

So our nation is safe and we can stand tall.

Merry Christmas to all of you, whether near or far,

but especially our Heroes wherever you are.


By Jan-Maree Dec 14







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