Lizs tall ship adventure

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6 October 2014

Square Rig Sailing Adventure on James Craig by Liz J
Last year I placed the highest bid on the Square-rig sailing Adventure silent auction on board the James Craig and on Sunday 7th September this year my husband Errol and I went on our sailing adventure.      Since we are from South Australia we incorporated this into a 10 day holiday.  We spent the weekend in Sydney, then hired a car and spent the following week driving around eastern and southern coast back to Adelaide.  All in all a nautical holiday.

On Saturday we had the chance to  meet up with Jan Maree, Joan and Robin, Liz B and her husband, Caroline, Stephanie and Leanne for lunch.  It was great to meet other sewers, and partners and a big thank you to Joan for organising this.

On Sunday, the day of our sailing adventure, the weather was cold and drizzling with rain as we walked to the Wharf to board the James Craig.    The brochure about the Sailing Adventure did say that inclement weather adds to the adventure but as Errol and I are not sailors it was with a bit of trepidation that we boarded the ship.   Once on board and motoring out through the harbour the weather cleared up and it was fine for the rest of the day.   When we were past the Heads the crew worked hard to unfurl the sails.  This was fascinating to watch – there are 21 sails and more rope than I had ever seen in one spot, which we later learned was 14,500 metres.  The swell was 1 to 2 metres which didn’t seem too bad even though it took us a while to find our sea legs.    We were given the old sailing advice of  ‘one hand for yourself and one for the ship’ 

  Once the sails were up, all power on the ship was turned off  and it was like we were transported back in time to when it was in its sailing day. 

Here I am on the deck with the front of ship behind me.

Errol and I with the back of ship behind us.

We spent most of day in this pose (sorry Errol)

 After a few hours we returned to Sydney.  This is approaching the Heads on our return.

 Sailing under the Harbour Bridge

 Crew tying up the sails – note the 6 pairs of legs

 Finally the James Craig at berth at the end of the day.

We thoroughly enjoyed our sailing adventure and thank the crew (all volunteers) who made sure  passengers were looked after and given the opportunity to help with the rigging throughout the day.  The James Craig is part of the Sydney Heritage Fleet and sails once a fortnight.       Thank you Joan for offering the sailing adventure in the silent auction.  I was on sick leave recovering from surgery at the time of the auction and the sailing adventure seemed like an ‘alive thing to do’.  It certainly was.

Thanks very much Liz!  Glad you had a good time.

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Sue Niven

    How wonderful, Thanks for the great story and for sharing your wonderful pictures with us.


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