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Written by AHQ

21 July 2017

Short and sweet…..

Hi all,

Just a quick post…. two requests…

Lately I have been receiving a lot of laundry bags that are identical to each other.  Please please remember that the bags are all supposed to be individual.  Creating two or more bags the same, especially if they are going to the same location will cause confusion.  it does not take much to individualize them… simply add a different cord channel or a different coloured patch on the front, applique something simple on the front, but please no twin or triplet bags.  That would be appreciated.

Also, for every bag that you send me please can you include a letter for the recipient.  Tell them who you are, why you sew for Aussie Heroes and any other chatty info that you might like to include and then please please please can you put the letter INSIDE the laundry bag. 

You have no idea how much fiddling that will save us when we are opening and cataloging the bags as they come in. 

With the volume of mail that we are handling at the moment anything that slows us down really slows us down. We have three special projects on at the moment and I am receiving about one full IKEA bag of mail each day. This morning it took three of us 90 minutes to process the last three days’ worth of mail. 

Thank you all for your cooperation and support. As the troops say, it is the little things that make the difference.

Till next time….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


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