27 Years ago ….. still going strong….

Written by AHQ

21 July 2017

Twentyseven years ago today my husband and I were married and what a wonderful day that was. 

(Sorry about the blurry photo… the original is in a box somewhere)

Every year I make a point of publicly thanking him for standing by me, through thick and thin and Aussie Heroes. 

You might wonder why I share this here and not just on my personal Facebook page.  To put it simply, there could be no Aussie Heroes without his support.  I just went ahead and started it and he never got a choice but he has not complained once.

He does not complain about the hours I put in or about the space in our home that is overrun with quilts and bags and all that goes into keeping Aussie Heroes going. 

Even after the fire he knew that getting Aussie Heroes up and running had to be one of the priorities for me as it would have hurt too much to see it falter for longer than necessary.  
In our rental home we have a dining table and a kitchen table. Each weekened, when he is home from Canberra he has to ask me which table are we eating at. I try to keep one clear for meals but I do not always succeed. He does not complain when there are bags of laundry bags (lots and lots of bags at times) lining the walls or boxes of quilts piled up in our lounge room.  He does not complain about me being in Penrith for a sewing day on a Sunday or heading of to give a presentation or farewell or welcome a ship.  Tonight when he gets home I will be attending a dinner at the Defence Establishment Orchard Hills instead of waiting to cook him an anniversary dinner. 
In our new home, the lounge/dining room will no longer exist….. instead it will be a dedicated Aussie Heroes work area – how many husbands would go along with that.

Most people will never know the support he gives me or the sacrifices he has made to enable me to continue to do what I do. 

Quite simply, I would not be able to do what I do without his support. Without him backing me up, there would be no Aussie Heroes.  

Happy 27th Anniversary to my very own handsome Aussie Hero.  You are still the best gift I ever received.

All my love, always, 

PS I would still like diamonds for our 30th!

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  1. Natalie

    Happy Anniversary to you both!


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