Laundry bags on parade….

Written by AHQ

9 February 2017

Short and sweet tonight. I am in Canberra. Had a great meeting with a chaplain this afternoon…. and heading out for dinner tonight with my husband to catch up with recipients who are now friends. 

Meeting up with another recipient in the morning, before lunch with quilters and recipients at Poppy’s at the Australian War Memorial. Any quilters and recipients or even just supporters of AHQ who are in Canberra and feel like joining us, please feel free.

1130 at Poppy’s tomorrow.

A few weeks ago I put a call out on Facebook for some pictures of laundry bags in action… I used to have a few but lost them all when my laptop was destroyed in the fire.  I received a great selection from all over the place and am very grateful to those who answered the call.  I wanted them to use in my powerpoint which accompanies my presentations from time to time. 

I thought the rest of you would enjoy seeing our laundry bags on duty… 


Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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