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17 February 2013

Okay, I said I might not post tonight but some lovely thank you messages came in and it didn’t take much effort to put them up. Plus I made it home from Penrith in time to upload a couple of pictures for you as well.  

First up this is Terry.  I asked her if she would mind making a couple of Aussie laundry bags that I can put with Wounded Warrior Quilts when I send them.  Correct me if I am wrong (anyone in the know) but from what I have learned the injured are taken by military aircraft to Germany, accompanied by a medevac nurse who carries their quilt (so proud to know that) and a small amount of money to buy any necessities.  Once in Germany I believe they receive a backpack from the RSL filled with small essentials like toiletries etc but that is it.  I figure a laundry bag could come in handy if for nothing else but to put their quilt in for travel back to Australia when they are able.  This is one of two bags that Terry has made and delivered to me today.

We worked hard today.  Pam was the binding queen machining the binding on to two newly quilted quilts and hand sewing it on one of them.

Keryn (L) and Kiwi Karen (R) put borders on quilts tops made from BOMS and pieced the backings so that they could go off with the quilter, Stephanie.

Terry and Carolyn did more piecing and bordering.  What a Godsend all these ladies are!  They worked like trojans!

And Stephanie, who is the only one I did not get a photo of, brought along 20 quilts that she has collected from me and quilted over the last few weeks.  Do you remember me saying how important it is that the quilt tops be pressed well and how I won’t send them to a quilter unless they are pressed flat, backing pressed the  whole bit.  Well Stephanie said that made the quilts so much more enjoyable to work with as well as the fact that they are all the same size etc.  So please ladies keep steam pressing those seams well before you send them to me if you can.

This pictures shows 20 quilts boxed and ready to be addressed. Each one has a number on it which corresponds to a photo I took and emailed to myself so tomorrow Caroline and I can go through the list and allocate them, address them and get them in the mail.  I have to send letters with them as I always include the story of each quilt – who had a hand in making it, who donated the fabric if appropriate – I figure it is nice for the recipient to know and I have to give credit where credit is due!

You will see most of these quilts on this week’s Quilts of the Week.

I made cookies for everyone to nibble on which is just as well as we really didn’t stop for lunch.

Here is a question for you  – and those of you on Facebook will already know the answer so don’t yell it out!  LOL  What sort of cookies do you bake for a sewing day to make quilts for those serving primarily in Afghanistan?

You will have to wait till the end of the post to find out!
Now here are the thank you messages I mentioned.

For Kiwi Karen (and her two dogs and cat)

Hi Little, Willow and Milo

Have received your parcels of Laundry Bags, I would like to pass on my sincere appreciation for your hard work in making these bags. They will be put to good use and I will pass them on to troops over here that have yet to receive one.

Once again many thanks for your parcel and the Vegemite will be on my lunch today.

Sincere Thanks 

Dear (Kiwi) Karen,

I wanted to let you know that the box of laundry bags you addressed to me arrived safely today. Of behalf of the recipients (in case one or two don’t get around to thanking you themselves), I’d like to thank you very much for your kind gesture. Given that you sign your name ‘Kiwi Karen’ you might be pleased to know that one of your bags has gone to a fellow country man from The Land of the Long White Cloud. I will of course make sure that the remainder also go to people in the task group who will appreciate them, although I cannot guarantee that I will be able to find another 4 Kiwis!

Kind regards

Dear Louise,

Just a short note to let you know that the box of laundry bags you addressed to me has arrived safely. Thank you very much for your very kind gesture to those of us spending a few months away from home. Many of us now have a unique AHQ laundry bag but I will make sure that yours go to some of the soldiers who have yet to receive one. As you say in your letter, the bags certainly brighten up our rooms and the laundry, and also help individuals identify their laundry amongst the dozens that often accumulate. Thank you also for the Timtams and the Crunchies. They are already sitting at the brew point here in our HQ building, but I don’t expect that they will last the afternoon!

Thank you again for your wonderful support.

Kind regards,

Dear Maddy,

Just a short note to let you know that the box of laundry bags you addressed to me arrived this afternoon. On behalf of those who will shortly receive your gift, please accept my thanks for your very kind gesture. I think I recognize your work from Jan-Maree’s blog – apologies if I am mistaken, but either way, you bags are very Australian and will be much appreciated by those who receive them. As a task group, we feel very fortunate to have such wonderful support from home and gestures such as yours go a long way to brighten up what can sometimes appear to be a very grey and mundane existence. I also know that the Afghan who runs our laundry finds his job easier when he doesn’t have to deal with hundreds of bags that look exactly the same.

I hope that some of the recipients of your bags find a moment to write to you themselves but in the event that they don’t (some of our blokes have to be told to ring their Mums on Valentines Day) please be assured that your efforts do not go unnoticed. 
Kind regards,

This following thank you is for Liz

 I have been thoroughly enjoying the wonderful quilt you

very skillfully made.  It has certainly brightened my bed space.

We have a terrific bunch of hard working and talented young men and

women.  If they are any indication of the future we will be in good
hands.  I am impressed with their dedication and sense of duty.

Please pass along my warmest regards to the other people involved.  Your

work and random acts of kindness are very much appreciated.  Your

personal act of kindness is deeply appreciated by me.  Thank you.

So, did you work out what cookies I made or did you scroll down to see!  Simple – AFGHANS!

And just in case you want it here is the Recipe  

 I also made Rice Bubble Biscuits and I was told these had to go on the blog page tonight with the recipe so here is the picture of them

and the recipe is here 

And just in case you are wondering, the recipes are on my old blog, Cherry Red Quilter, which I used to fill with all the info on the sewing I did and the baking I did………until I started AHQ and suddenly there was little time to bake or sew for anything else – but am I complaining?  Not for one minute!

Till next time………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Janine C

    It sounds like you all had a wonderfully successful and yummy day. It would be so nice if we could organise a sewing day in Qld but I fear we all live too far apart.

  2. Sue Niven

    what a fantastic effort girls, I am blown away. Great stuff.

  3. Beeshebags

    Great work all round ladies. Jealous that you all got to eat those yummy cookies…..oh well, guess I'll have to make my own now that the recipes' have been shared!



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