This week, we get to meet Jill The Dill (Her words, not mine!)  Don’t you just love the car she’s sitting in above?  I know I do….hold on to your hat Jill, you don’t want it flying off!

Where do you live?
We live in Mandurah, a city about 80km south of Perth, on half an acre.  We are into vintage cars, so hubby has the Hilton of sheds and I live in the Taj Mahal.  Most of our children have left home so I’ve set up a sewing room instead of comandeering the dining area.  Mandurah is the best city in the world.  Young, vibrant, beautiful and caring.

Tell us a bit about you.  Family, occupation, other hobbies.
 Apart from adventures in our vintage car, which included a month long journey around Tasmania, we are both passionate about people in need, particularly as we have been so blessed.  Hence much time is spent on welfare work for the St Vincent De Paul Society in Mandurah and the Peel Region.  I am also secretary of the Women’s Refuge board so we can get pretty busy.  Then of course the children and grandchildren.  Our youngest daughter finished University last year, and starts work in March.  Our first taste of no dependants after 43 years of marriage…..YEH!

How far to the local shops and how far to the nearest quilt shop?
Less than a kilometre to Spotlight!  And then another 200m to Textile Traders (Wow, I am jealous Jill!  Hugs Naomi)  We are very lucky.  I resist the urge to call in for bargains all the time.  But AHQ has given me more licence in that area.  As a new quilter, I am trying to be judicious about buying, as not sure yet of anything.

Favourite online quilt shop
Wrapped in Fabric and The Quilters and Embroiderers store in Queensland.  Last year I won free entry to the Craft & Quilt fair through TQES.  So inspirational all those quilts.

Where did you get your last fabric bargain
Thought I had a real bargain at Spotlight in January when I bought a metre of 17 different fabric @ $4 a metre.  When I got to the checkout, it was actually 40% off, so got it all for under $50.  I figured that would be 4 quilt tops and bags that I could make for AHQ during the year.  However my friend works at the Vinnies retail store, and I asked her to keep an eye out for me for any bargains.  The manager said I was working for a good cause and gave me a heap of new fabric that had been donated and they usually cut into smaller pieces for sale.  Hence I have backing for 3 quilts now, and enough fabric for at least 3 more quilts and heaps of laundry bags.  Can someone donate me some more time please!  I can only sew once a fortnight on all this, so this will take me all year.

Do you machine or hand sew the binding down?

How long have you been sewing for AHQ?
3 – 6 mths

How did you first find out about us?
I first started quilting last year and was intrigued that all the US magazines and books had so many designs for soldiers.  I was thrilled to come across AHQ when I googled Quilts Australia

Do you have any connection to the services?
My father served in WW1 in Belgium.  However I heard local federal politician Nola Marino talk about her recent trip visiting the troops in Afghanistan and she pleaded for us to keep the serving personnel in mind, send gifts and messages, so they know they are cared about and appreciated.  It was only a couple of weeks later that I came across AHQ and have been inspired by Jan-Maree and everyone else ever since.

What are some of the things you have sewn for AHQ?
Not much at all.  Just sent off my first quilt top – only the third biggest patchwork job I’ve done.  I’ve also made laundry bags, but I have PLANS!

Why do you sew for AHQ?
Because our serving men and women deserve to know that their lives and their work is appreciated by the people in the suburbs.  We know it is not easy, it is dangerous, and families make huge sacrifices.  I just want to show my thanks.

Thank you so much Jill The Dill (love that nickname) it’s been great getting to know you.  I know both Jan-Maree and I have both hinted about people submitting their information for FOTW, and it honestly is something that we all love to read about, but probably don’t think we’re ‘interesting’ or ‘brave’ enough, to put our hands up for being on the blog.  Please don’t think that, as we’d all love to read about you, and perhaps see some pics of where you live, your sewing room, and some of your quilts, both for AHQ and others you’ve made, along with any laundry bags you’ve sent off.  So don’t be shy, I’ve set up an online form that you can complete HERE, your responses will be automatically uploaded to a spreadsheet and I can utilise them on the blog when it’s your turn (usually about a week before it goes up on the blog, so you have some time to get the pics to me by emailing me here)

Until next time, please stay safe and happy.

Naomi (aka Tech Guru)